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I might cry. Thank you so much.

Cara and Blankie, who still sleeps with me every night. And whose co-owner (my husband) washes it with such care because it's falling apart.

PS - My sisters all had blankies they loved to death. My one sister was sort of forced to give hers up to my niece - who now takes it everywhere with her.


And, of course, the blankie is fabulous. ;-)


Well, I must say that Green Blanket is very cute and I'm sure will be loved! My kids have favorite blankets, too.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Green Blanket and the matching hat are cute! Lucky Ben : )


Gorgeous- all of it. But you know you can't share blankie por^ without sharing the yarn details....


It's BEAUTIFUL! I want to go make one right now. Sniff. I miss my yellow blankie.


Now you and Ben need to read Owen by Kevin Henkes together.


Love it! One of my blogless friends just sent me the link to this pattern. I've been itching to make it since. Your color choice is so baby chic :-)


My baby brother had a blankie that he called Lovey. None of us know how, but he used to insert at least 1/3 of it into his mouth (down his throat, maybe?) and suck on it. It was wool. Ugh to taste, ugh to smell after removing it from his mouth...and he would cry after it was washed. I forgot about Lovey until my daughter was born, and Mickie came into our lives. Mickie was there from day one, but only became 'Mickie' after about 16 months. She took daily 'Mickie breaks' as needed, a few minutes at a time, until she was 5 and starting kindergarten. Refuge from the storm that is toddler life, I think! She slept with Mickie nonstop until 11 or so, and even know must know where Mickie is at all times. Although truthfully, this is Mickie II...Mickie I was stolen by an evil aunt and THROWN AWAY. Mama to the rescue, we went out that afternoon and bought another immediately.


I love the hat & the blanket. Very cute colors.


Sweet, sweet note to that new little person. Interestingly, I have a friend whose daughter called her pink blanket "geen"--her way of saying green. I enjoy your blog and love your photos. The spiral blanket is wonderful.

Passions & Distractions

The blanket and hat are lovely and the note is so heartfelt and sweet!


that's a fabulous blanket! what pattern is that?? my brother had a green blanket and kept it up until high school when it was no more than the size of a tag. i'm sure he kept that little snip somewhere...


I'm new to your blog but I've got to say, DANG! I'm loving that blankey! Those colors are amazing--I love them together. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up and pinch that (with one's fingers in their mouth at the same time--that's just how I rolled as a little girl....)


I love the blanket! Where did you find the pattern?


I've never heard of anyone else doing that pinching thing! My mother called it "knibbeln" ("knibbling," I guess, in English) and I still do it to everything I own.

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