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Seriously great. But what are those other two books?

Liz K.

I am curious to know what you think of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I read a lot of "meh" reviews, but I thought it was beautiful.

Oh, and love this post. Thanks for taking Forecast out and about. It has just made it to my Must Knit list, thanks to you.


It's fantastic!

Keep an eye on your inbox, okay? :)


Woooo! it looks great -- color, buttons, everything!

[and yea, allen is such a jerk! grr.]


Thanks for the tour of your day! I recognize one of the books as "Disobedience" by Jane Hamilton. Not enough evidence to identify the third one. (I've tried to read Extremely Loud a couple times and tried to listen to the audiobook; I lost interest every time by about p. 50. If you give a good review I may try again.)

Funny, I never pictured you as a pink hair kinda gal ;-)


ok, so it wasn't quite the post you had planned...but it is still one of the best project unveilings i have ever read! how cool are you and how gorgeous is forecast! well done!


A very fun FO post. Thanks for the trip through your "typical" day. Love the pink hair.


Forcast looks absolutely lovely and I think vampires would run away for fear of getting it mussed up. Loved the tour too and agree totally with the political statements. Ah, the library . . . I once had a book overdue by 362 days (fell behind a shelf, found it when moving). Luckily they cap the fines at our library at $10. Betty loved "Extremely Loud" but couldn't get into his first book. I think Lola liked it as well. Keep on rockin' the pink hair - it is the same color as my new Christmas tree.


great pictures, great post, great sweater! :)


What a fun post! And the sweater is absolutely fabulous.


Oh Forecast, what will you get yourself into next?


forecast even generously gives her time to other knits that are just starting out! admirable, considering everything else she has to do.

seriously, it turned out fantastically. i can only hope mine looks half as good (if i ever finish it). i was considering cutting back on the number of buttons, but i like the look of yours...


Aaahhh, Glampyre bobbles strike again! Great post, beautiful FO but, do tell us more about Forecast's night life...


Love the sweater. Especially the color! I think I'm on the verge of a purple phase. Yep, I loved "Extremely Loud". Broke my heart about 7 different times. There really is nothing like sobbing in public.

Dorothy B

Forecast looks great. I do the food for good mood thing too. Colouring in a special book with special crayons works well when visiting friends or shopping in the LYS too.
That Senator sounds like an opponent's dream. He'll shoot himself in the foot and lose all by himself.


Forecast had quite a day. It looks lovely!


what a beauty! green with envy i run along to finish up mine.


Super hot! And Jonathan Safron Foer rocks it!


Fabu! Not boring at all! I especially like the exahusted-gardener-with-rake shot. Your Forcast looks fantastic! I love the color, the buttons, the smaller bobbles, everything!

brenda in toronto

great post J! your creativity is inspiring - your students must have a blast with you!


This is one of my favorite FO posts ever. Forecast is wonderful.


Great post! Forecaset looks great! I love the color you chose. It sets off your hair just right. ;)


Great Forecast! Great post!
Yeah, I see the Buffy episodes too & only my big biscuit gets to live the visions. ahhh


Love the color you chose and loved the post!


of course rheinback was not as wonderful without you there.. but i deifnitley considered kidnapping a few sheep/alpacas/lamas to give you the first hand experience... you're so much cooler than Buffy...

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