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Oooh, good costume, you virgin huntress, you.

If the Biscuit won't wear that gorgeous hat, allow me to offer it a good home. Surely my head can't be THAT much bigger than a wee child's. Can it?


Oh, love that costume. I was Medusa one year, but that faux ivy looks a lot easier to handle than dozens of rubber snakes.


ooooo I know... but I guess that's cheating! Bunny might be willing to wear the hat, would that make it cool enough for B?


Do I say Hail? The biscuit will make up for that hat one day when he asks you to make a few at a time.
Happy Halloween!


Congrats to Jasmine, and what a fun contest!

I'm guessing Eurydice?

I just wanted to type that. I love that name.

laura b

Why is it that kids refuse to wear hats anyway? My daughter won't keep one on for more than a couple seconds.

Dorothy B


Too bad about the hat. It is cute. Kids are so funny about stuff we make for them aren't they?

Hope you had a happy Halloween.


Artemis or maybe Athena? Whichever, the rendition looks great! And I really like the hat.


someone who can kick my butt with her bow and arrow! biscut just doesn't know what he's missin'...


Great costume! I dressed up as the harried mother of a toddler.


Dang it, I *never* win! ;o)

My guess is...an archer from ancient Greece who tripped and fell into a wall of ivy... ;o)


Thanks for the fun contest, and I like the greens of that hat--

As for the costume, how about: a Greek woman of ancient times. How's that for a vague answer!?!


At least the hat came in handy for something eh? That's what I'll have to resort to doing for my Amethyst sock comp!
BTW: Biscuit may need to reconsider his decision - it's a very cool hat! x


you were the priestess from the mists of avalon series?

the hat... lovely green. too bad your B didn't want it!


Someone else guessed this, but I think you were the goddess Diana.


You're Morgan from Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon!

Great hat. In a few years, the Biscuit will be begging you to make him a chullo. Let's hope it still fits!


Beautifully coloured hat and what a great game!

Passions & Distractions

I finally got to look at all the favorite FOs. some truly extraordinary stuff posted there! and I've been introduced to new blogs so that's always good! Thanks for liking my 'shrooms! It's reminded me that I have to get my hands on some wool thread.

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