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The socks look great! Oh, so glad to hear you're a Leo. I knew I liked you. I'm August 6th. Though I'm not perfect in the grammar department, those grammatical errors you mentioned bother me as well. I'm a comma person; I probably use them entirely too much. And Spain and Mexico! How wonderful is that!
I imagine you're close to being out of school, if not already, so hope the end of school goes well for you!


I got my Scorpio and my Leo mixed up. Our family is bursting at the seems with both (mom, dad, BIL, SIL, me, sister). Love your 100 things broken up; I might have to try it your way. Viva E.B. White and grammar! I correct spelling on signs and menus. Have you ever ordered a "bowel of grits?"


Gorgeous socks! No problem linking to my blog at all... I'm proud of my little Voodoo man and have had requests to do one in my boss' image. More to come.

PS I have a degree in English and Spanish as well - but no novels in my drawer :)


I totally organize license plates, phone numbers and digital clock times into equations. I am glad I am not the only one!


Love your post. I was just thinking about the 100 things list and feel overwhelmed by it too. So funny. There is a lot of this/self reflection going in in (knit)blogland now. Some kind of universal stream or something?

Your birth story is great, btw :-)

carrie m

oh, i also rearrange the numbers in license plates, trying to even them out and divide them, etc. i also count syllables, which may be even odder.

now you have to tell us the marilyn quayle story ...

Passions & Distractions

That's a good way to tackle the 100 things list. I love the socks!


What fun! I love those random-tidbit-things. Did I know that you spoke Spanish? Yay for you. My job next year is going to be creating a "Spanish for the workplace" for a HS that is the academic side to the district tech school... so I'll be preparing the tech kids to actually speak and communicate, in an environment that isn't obsessed about testing or preparing kids for the AP track.

Anyhow -- yes, tell me all about your idea! I once thought of an idea as well for a tutu -- long story -- but it was going to become a knitty submission and never quite worked out. Did you see Debbie Stoller has issued a call for submissions about the SnB book: beyond the basics?

Take care!


Which Interweave Knits issue is the sock pattern from? Thanks!

limedragon :-: Harriet

I make up acronyms from the license plates of cars I use. It's the only way I can remember which car it is in the lot. : )

And #8... oh yeah! Misuse of apostrophes bug me too. : )

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