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Thanks Julie! For everything!


Well I am going to say Leo because that is what I am. I never follow horoscopes though so I could be way off. We do have a lot of the same tastes though...hmmm.


I'm guessing Gemini because of the duality. Hmmm...or maybe Libra for the need to find some sort of balance. There is conflict in each of those horoscopes that seems to require compromise. Dunno.



Scorpio (who else needs guidance about VENGENCE?!?)or possibly Virgo (all that talk about goals!!
Your exact date/time of birth and location would be a BIG help, though :).


To do list not completed? Strong need for vengeance? Belief in magic? Tons of wishes and a cause? Check, check, check, check. Scorpio, hands down. Just like I am. :)


I'm gonna say Leo because I'm one, even though I'm not into astrological signs. Plus, you teach Language Arts and I was a high school English teacher. Oh, and I like to knit like you do. I love your idea of an after school knitting group. I wish I'd been interested in knitting back when I taught. I would have loved to start a knitting group.

Passions & Distractions

I'm going to go with Virgo because of the first horoscope that says not everything should be a goal. They're always saying that to Virgos. I should know: I am one!

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  • Dr. G's Memory Vest
    Because it's about time for Mr. Frick to get his yearly handknit.
  • ROY & G. BIV
    Two crochet stashbuster Granny Square blankets. You can probably guess the color schemes. Because you're clever.
  • Bodie's 9-Patch
    Birthday quilt for my nephew. Reds, oranges, dash of blue.
  • Central Park Hoodie
    Classic Elite Skye Tweed Quite possible gnawed on by carpet beetles, and therefore I'm ignoring it, as what I don't see can't infuriate me.
  • Biscuit's Big Boy Blanket
    Rowan Denim Ye gods, will I ever finish this thing?