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What a great idea! At our school we have bunches of girls and boys who love to knit! We are also in need of an easy baby blanket. We support a center for mother's in need and we have a bunch of new babies due. Any ideas?


Color me impressed with you AGAIN! Love what you did with the classes and that money is *so* well donated!!

And though it seems like it, between the STR club and now the MD KAL, I swear I am not stalking you - I *have* added you to Bloglines though ;-)


What a great idea!

Please tell us how many knitters made a total of how many bags to raise three grand.

Passions & Distractions

That is awesome! Congratulations!


What a wonderful idea! Those students are so lucky to have you as a teacher and have the opportunity to learn to knit and help others simultaneously. Congrats! :) STR update: I have finished swatching a got gauge for both stitches! I am now working on the first cuff. I LOVE the colors, don't you??


Beautiful bags & a beautiful cause! : )


All I can say is - gobsmacked! :)


Fabulous! Inspirational! Those bags are gorgeous!

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  • Dr. G's Memory Vest
    Because it's about time for Mr. Frick to get his yearly handknit.
  • ROY & G. BIV
    Two crochet stashbuster Granny Square blankets. You can probably guess the color schemes. Because you're clever.
  • Bodie's 9-Patch
    Birthday quilt for my nephew. Reds, oranges, dash of blue.
  • Central Park Hoodie
    Classic Elite Skye Tweed Quite possible gnawed on by carpet beetles, and therefore I'm ignoring it, as what I don't see can't infuriate me.
  • Biscuit's Big Boy Blanket
    Rowan Denim Ye gods, will I ever finish this thing?