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nah, it's beautiful in greyish blue! a great fit as well!

love the sweater curse story. and lime.

Dorothy B

Your Green Gable looks really good just the way it is. Although I must say that it would look really good in red too.


I think that pattern always ends up looking great, no matter what the color. Yours is no exception.

And the elbow thing? I'm with you. All the women in my family hate that. We call it our "mad spot" because we go nutty when someone touches us there.

j a r e d

that green gable is gorgeous gorgeous. and i agree all things are enhanced with a hint of lime.

j a r e d

throw in some cilantro too... ;)


HAHA! That is by far the best way to look at a sweater curse that I have ever read- Awesome! Love the green gable: looks great!


i so agree with #18 especially. and of course, anything is better with a bit of lime...


Looks like Mom's re-entry will be a grand one. Lucky Mr. Biscuits! Your gg is fab too. Great color.


Okay, first off, you look great in green gable. I have yet to try the pattern. Waiting for my Denise needles that I got for half off at Knitpicks. Yes! Also, I loved, loved, loved Anne. I read every single book in the series and loved when PBS ran the Megan Follows Anne of Green Gables series every summer. I'm so number 14, too, except just one close girlfriend. I enjoy company, but I don't mind my own, either.


The green/gey gable looks really good, I'm partial to red though, so I'd bet it would look great too. Hey, I'm with you on #14.


love the sweater!! i believe I was an ESFJ - your complete opposite... ahh Meyers Briggs... and I too have 4 close girlfriends, wouldn't trade em with the world.


You are so funny!!! I have to come back and read more!!


PS. Holy crap! I totally forgot to tell you that Green Gable looks beaut-i-muss!


Love the sweater - and I totally agree with #18.

I also love talking to ppl who claim to have depression and yet won't take meds OR go to therapy and then complain about how they feel.

The Purloined Letter

I'm a Paxil INTJ with serious F tendencies. (I think is it the F that makes me not a competitive person.) Great sweater, btw! I'm going to have to give in and knit it!


The top turned out great, love the color!

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