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LOVE IT! Love it love it love it love it! That last picture of you and Mr. Frick is phenomenol!


awww! what a wonderful story!

happy anniversary; i love your wedding photo. cheers!


Now that is a lovely story. Your grandparents were a handsome couple. Oh, and you and Mr. Frick ain't bad either. :0) Love your dress and the unadulterated joy you two have. Happy Day!


Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary and AWESOME photos.. especially the last one.. :)


A great love story and one of the nicest wedding photos (yours) I have ever seen! Best wishes for many more years together.


Happy Anniversary!


Happy anniversary, Fricks!!!!
I love the pictures!


Happy Anniversary!


*sniff* Congratulations and best wishes.

Dorothy B

Such a great love story! So many strong men and women during that time.


What a touching story!
Today is also my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband! Congratulations!


What a wonderful story.

limedragon :-: Harriet

Lovely pictures; and thanks for sharing a great story.

Happy Anniversary! : )


Happy Anniversary, big sis!


You write beautifully, Mrs. Frick. Thanks for sharing. May every day of every year be filled with love, forgiveness and joy. Happy anniversary.


oh, frick, what a lovely story. tears, in my eyes, on this monday morning. i am getting married in less than two weeks, and cannot seem to stop crying for all of these touching moments. what fabulous g-parents, what a gorgeous bride and groom you two were! congrats.


What a beautiful and interesting love story. Love the pictures too.

I look forward to hearing more about yours. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Frick!


Wonderful story - Happy Anniversary :o)

(my Grandpa went to Va Tech around the same time - I wonder if they knew each other?) ;o)


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story!


What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing it!

yvette / overanalyzer

What a wonderful story - my grandfather was also in PNG. I've just discovered your blog and am enjoying the archives!

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