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is it a log-cabin knit square? :)


Key West perhaps? Maybe the Hemingway House with the polydactyl kitties? :)


Ooooh, is the prise a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting?


Have good times!


Ok, I know where you're going... and could even get the address if need be! Have a great trip! Are you going to embroider on your log cabin? Craftopia? Monkey Love?

Dorothy B

Prague, Czech Republic
Sioux Falls, SD
Key West, FL
I Googled "Mutant Cats" and these are just the first three I clicked on.
Have a great trip!


Some long shots... They have catamarans on Margarita Island in the caribbean; "skeleton island" brings up the Isle of Wight.
Obviously you're starting in on some Log Cabin Knitting, so maybe you're actually going to Nashville?
In any case, bon voyage!


I am so bad at guessing...I assume that you're going to the wedding for the aforementioned bachelor. I assume you want more specifics than that, though. I'm assuming that Key West is right, but I'm going to go with Mexico. I don't even think I know why.


Most definitely Key West. The mutant cats hint was a dead giveaway! And I say "Abe" is log-cabining of some sort.

Have a wonderful vacation!


Absolutely Key West! I got engaged there, so I have a very fond place in my heart for Key West.

I also think you are starting a log cabin knit, but maybe not a square one, but one with short rows?

Enjoy your vacation!


Nice colors for your log cabin, Mrs. Frick. Hope you have fun in Key West. I guess Springfield, IL is out of the question? (That's where Abe Lincoln hails from).

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