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I always said if I ever got a tattoo it'd be Curious George. I'm too much of a wuss though.

Very very cool. And it's true - none of your kids can have the letter J - unless of course you add Biscuit's initial to it....


that's awesome! I want a T-shirt!!!!
I agree about the children's names though, but there's 25 other letters to start with, so you still have lots of options ;)

Dorothy B

I always wanted a tattoo. I'm terrified of needles and of how it will look when I am old and everything is wrinkly, saggy and baggy. Sigh. I think I may need the therapy.


awesome tattoo! glad your friend got back to you (and what a response!)


Okay, you had me spitting out my coffee laughing with that one! I am considering getting a small tattoo on the place on my big toe where I would try on a sock and know it was time to start decreasing. Do you think I'm nuts? I was thinking it would be a badge of courage or a secret club for knitters who can go that extra mile--pain for their socks! LOL (my friends and family think I have truly lost my mind!)


Yay, I'm so glad I found your blog again. :) One more thing to check off the to-do list ... I have a rose tattoo, in just that spot where when I was pregnant, it stretched and stretched, and then got stretch marks through it ... sort of makes it more interesting, though.


where o where did he find that? I think I need one!

Miss Dottie

How crazy! That's the DomiKNITrix's logo. You should check out her stuff on her blog--domiknitrix.com.
She's really cool and has a book coming out around the holidays.

And your blog is a hoot!

The Purloined Letter

Excellent tattoo!

LOVING your blog, btw!

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