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You should have Rene of www.knitsfinished.com seam your blanket--she did ours, and it turned out great! Here's a photo of the finished project: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lolagetz/177463646/in/set-445218/


Your Dad is amazing. I too have knitted squares allover the place, I just hate sewing them together.


I do not have any knitted squares hanging around - because I've never knit any. Because they're a bitch to sew together. ;o)

And no, there is not a baby worth that many bobbins. Seriously.


Oh and I forgot:

GO DAD! :o)


Hi Julia!

I have a pile of squares too! Mine are all slightly different sizes though because my girl scout troop knit them and I need to seam them together so we can donate the afghan to somewhere the girls haven't choosen yet. What kind of seaming technique are you using to put together the cast on and bind off edges?
That may be a good goal for next week!
Wow - your dad must be young! That is amazing stuff! Way to go!


Ok, next playdate no scarf... you must sew! I started as a sewer (at least in my adult life) so it doesn't seem all that daunitng to me. I will note, however, that if I make a mitered square blanket (and that's a big if) I will attempt to make them attached in some way.
PS who's the cow for?


Wow! I am impressed. With our dad and with you. Intarsia, a cow blanket and two patch blankets! I can't wait to see these finished.


Your dad sounds like a fascinating man! I like people who have a dream..many dreams..ang GO for them!
I like your knitting...
what about that cow-knitt? I would like to see more of it!


Running by on my way out of town but everything looks fantastic... sweater, intarsia, afghan squares... all rock.

brenda in toronto

wow - that's some impressive stuff there - all of it!


Good luck seaming!

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