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I love the sweater and the color. Great job.


They say the first time ain't the greatest
But I tell ya
If you had the chance to do it all again,
You wouldn change a stitch
cuz baby she's the most
With a knit as fine as she was then...
Raspberry Hurray,
I think I love her...

brenda in toronto

wow - mohair in a heatwave. that's dedication. but darling, you still look cool as a cucumber :)


It is SOOOOOO CUTE! I love what you did on the cuffs! Beautiful!!


very cute! i love brooks farm duet. how much did you use? their skeins are so huge :)


Girl, you crack me up! Love what you did with that pattern--i especially love the sleeves! I wish I could tear myself away from sock knitting to work on sweaters but its too damn warm....

Dorothy B

I really like your modifications.
It looks great and you are brave risking the warm sweater look in the midst of the heat.


I love your villain, an amalgalm of the most despised yet deliciously evil villains ever...
The sweater looks great, love the long sleeve concept.


lovely. Think we could talked Heidi into an entire knit episode of Project Runway?

Carry on...


It's your very own Raspberry Stripey-O!


I love the PR refrences. That's a really cute top.


That looks great! I love the way the yarn striped. How many skeins did it take? I've had Brooks Farm bookmarked forever, this might just make me a customer!


Damn cute! it looks great! (And I have some Duet in the stash - how much did you use?)


Smashing! Methinks I prefer the long-sleeved wintered-up style. I like the color, too!


It looks awesome! I love the long sleeves. You are tempting me to make it again with long sleeves.


I have Duet in my stash too..... me and Cara are Fricknit wannabes .....


I love it with the long sleeves. Great trendsetter you are...now I'm thinking...do I have enought yarn to follow your lead?

Great job.


Is this Project Runway or what? Love the sweater!


'tis beautiful - love it! :o)

Erica B.

I love the sweater... great idea for fall!


Really nice! I love the long sleeves and the hemmed edges. Looks great!


hee! you are too funny! I love the sweater. :)

[and I can't wait for PR tonight, wheee. :) ]


Looks great. Never would have thought to knit a long sleeve version! But now I so want to.

Thanks for the inspiration.


that nina is always such a bitch.

the sweater is very pretty and i love the big ring


I love it! The sleeves look fabulous! The bell sleeve is a nice choice. I especially love the style of your post. =)

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