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FINALLY someone else who doesn't like 24...thank goodness. I watched the first season and couldn't take anymore. I'm sure it's great and all, but not for me.

I covet that mug.


Hey I'm with you, I only saw 1 season too and I could'nt get into it either.


HeHe! You make me laugh, dearie. I only watched season one and I thought it was too violent. There's enough violence happening to people in real life that I don't see the need for me to watch it as entertainment. Bring on the Flying Dutchman and sea creatures. :)


I've watched all of five minutes of one show of '24' and just don't get it. Give me CSI any day.

I stumped ya? Heee! ;o) Actually, I guess I did since you guessed wrong *grin*


I have never watched it and have no desire to. And if anyone has a beef with your opinion tell them, "Go ahead, call me something. I'm redecorating my kitchen."


Heh, I watched a single solitary show because a friend from highschool was in it and needed a tranquilizer afterwards, violent and angsty, no thanks! So you're not alone in hating it. :)


Like Ann I've never watched it and see no reason to do so. Why are we supposed to find torture, murder and a wide variety of other unpleasantnesses entertaining? I can understand 'exciting', as that sort of thing is bound to result in an adrenalin rush In Real Life (probably as one tries to run away), but entertaining? I can stomach it if done with humour and I confess to being a special effects enthusiast (these are films, after all), but anything that relies on death and mayhem to maintain interest leaves me cold. And worried about what the market for those films says about us and the world in which we live.


wow. i'm glad i never watched it, although i do think kiefer sutherland is yummy in a sort of crooked faced sort of way.

anyway -- torture is condoned, gay guy is perverted and a terrorist aid, anyone against torture is against us. sounds way too much like righty propaganda to me.

no thanks.

Scribbles & Bits

I certainly won't stop reading since I couldn't agree with you more!! Lovely warmers, by the way! just enough cabling that it wouldn't take too too long to finish (or maybe I'm just a slow cabler). Neat cup, too!


Thank you for speaking out! I've never lied that show. Pretty thinly veiled propaganda.


hey - my sister is knitting those - I think she may have finished the first one too! Looks very nice and cozy :) Perfect for flute-playing in pep band for Paige, what will you use them for?


I made those as well. I looking forward to using them in the winter because it gets cold in our office!


I may be the only 24 fan of the comments! I cannot deny that all the seasons are Slightly **ahem** ok, very the same in terms of plot but I love the show... I heart Keifer but I miss Tony Almeida! It's just good action entertainment to me...

Pretty gloves!!


I'm with margaux; Jack Bauer can question me anytime. Yeah, baby. And Jack Sparrow's a bit too namby-pamby for me--give me Commodore Norrington in his fallen state. Yum. Your knitting is glovely, by the way.

Dorothy B

I HATE 24 with a passion. For all the things you listed above and for the idea that all this crap happens in 24 hours. The timeline and the plot are so pathetically unrelated and unrealistic even for la-la land, that I get annoyed with it all.

Anne Margaret

Amen, sister, on 24! After 2-3 episodes of Season 1 on DVD, I realized I didn't like ANY of the characters. May they all be tortured!!

But you need to back off of dear Orlando. Holy cow, what a cutie! As the bumper sticker says "...and on the 8th day, God created Orlando Bloom".


One season was enough for me too. Now my husband watches it! I can pretty much predict what is going to happen just by hearing little bits from the other room (predictability- thy name is 24). My daughters (23, 21, almost 15) are hooked on Jack Sparrow and Jack "Lost" (what is it with Jacks?!?). They rented the Lost season 1 DVDs and watched them in a marathon session and are waiting anxiously for Season 2 DVDs to come out next week so they can watch them before the season 3 premier. (D#2 is back at school and will have to watch with her housemates). They also obsessively watch our "Pirates" DVD such that they can mute the sound and recite the dialog themselves. (As can my almost 6yo daughter which is pretty hilarious since she also mimics the mannerisms and facial expressions). They also named one of our hermit crabs Jack Sparrow and coax it into waving around a Lego sword in its large claw.

brenda in toronto

heh - i've watched all the seasons for some sick reason (hated it after season 1, go figure) and something else to note: all women are villains (with the exception of his whiny daughter who does nothing but cry and gasp in most episodes, and of course, his wife)


I love "24", but I hear what you are saying about the outrageous plots and copious amounts of torture. Sometimes, even I get a little turned off by all the twists and turns. That being said, there is a strict "no call" policy in the Ava house during the show. If you choose to call while "24" is playing, we choose not to answer. The joke that if everyone did exactly as Jack Bauer says, the show would be called "12" is so very true. Now if we could only get Kiefer to stop running like a 10-year-old girl, the show would be golden since he appears to pronounce "nuclear" correctly now (the same cannot be said for our President).


tv. throw it out the window. forgot to pack mine back in '81 and haven't had room for one since. But thanks for the description of "24". At least now I know what it's about.

Captain Sparrow. Arr, lassie. He's a pretty one. Me ole Granny told me "never date a man who wears more mascara than you do." She's never been wrong.


ME TOO! Saw 1/2 of one episode the first season and thought.... "how annoying!" I didn't even know who Jack Bauer was, he was so forgettable!


I must know where you got that mug. I'm suddenly into drinking tea and I'm collecting neat mugs for my "tea gatherings" and I'd love, love, love that mug. Please sned me any info you can that will help me find one.

Thanks! (Also, I love the fetchings).


haha. you are hilarious! my mom's favorite show is 24. i find it entertaining, but the current season is getting absolutely ridiculous (if it wasn't already ridiculous in the past five seasons). i will admit that i watch it regularly and am usually on the edge of my seat, but it seems like the producers/writers try way too hard to create drama. the plot lines are becoming far-fetched and inconsistent. season six may be my last!

ps - i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE johnny depp. love. orlando bloom is a pretty boy, but seems to be...well, somewhat of a douche! is that appropriate to say? i've read some of his interviews, and he just sounds like such a pansy. i loved him in lord of the rings, but other than that, no thank you!


I saw the first episode of the latest series last night. Another black president? The problem I have with that is that it's superficial. I mean, take out the black president and the rest of the show is US Government propoganda.

I liked the first 2 series because the CTU/Government was against Jack. Now they like him. The format of the show was brilliant at first, too. Now it's tired. Well, at least it's not Lost.

Orlando Bloom - bleh.


I've never watched 24 because I instinctively guessed about the torture. Amnesty bashing and gay bashing are new angles. Thanks for saving me the trouble.


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