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DUDE! You're just lucky I wasn't drinking anything when I got to that last Ann Cu*ter comment. EXCELLENT!


Steven Colbert--what a guy. I'm always preaching the gospel of Feliway diffusers to cat owners with unhappy cats. Perhaps a toot or two will make Moose a happy dude even with an active toddler su casa?


i don't know words bad enough to describe my feelings for ann coulter.

although maybe you should lock her up with the absuive parent and let them go at it.


Clever way of venting for a post. And best of luck with that parent. My mom works in an elementary school and she tells me stories all the time. There's more to it than cookies and milk, that's for sure.


I bet your last comment about AC is true --- I bet it's all swampy in there.


I'm right there with you! and we can make it through another year with "she who must not be named" we're strong and we know we are right!


brilliant post. i hadn't been to the FUH2 site yet. hilarous.


I hate that b*tch more than I hate my ex - why is someone that narrow-minded allowed to breathe? *sigh*

Mosquitos in her underpants, eh? Somehow I could believe that... ;o)

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