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I say it's lies. ALL LIES.

Thanks for the tag but nothing exciting has EVER happened to me. So mine will be all lies as well.


I'm gonna say the Warren Berger/Goonies is a tall one but what do I know? How old are the kids you teach? If they are under, say, 40, they may not know who Warren Berger was ;-)


I think everything up to this point has been a lie, and all three of these are true.

Scribbles & Bits

I'm going to go with the goonies one being a lie (although incredibly fun!). I'm going to have to think of some stuff so I can do this as well! I'll let you know when I do!

And can I just say how cool that you send postcards to your new students? I would have loved if a teacher had done that!

Dorothy B

Hard to tell, but I think the Goonies logo isn't green.
Who knows, if I tried this one, I would have to make a lot of stuff up.
I may give it a go in a while though.


ok, missy, i took your challenge and see if you can spot my lie. as for yours: i'm thinking its the break in of the chief justice's house. but what an imagination!


It's painfully obvious which is the fake story. As much as I would like to believe it, it's just too fanciful, adventurous, and transparently false. You tried to throw us with a red herring or two but common sense prevailed and I can say with complete certainty that you never did anything so irresponsible, so cavalier, so juvenile as hitching a ride with an odd little man. Nope. Just too crazy. Though the part of the cordial fishermen did throw me. They are the most generous people on the face of the planet, but in the end your bald faceness shown through.

As for me:

1) I was conceived on a cross-country trip in a VW bus with two pre-teen children keeping my parents busy (not busy enough, apparently). When Dad found out Mom was knocked up yet again, he got snipped. And then told me so.

2) In high school, my parents took me out of school for a year and we sailed from Oregon to the Sea of Cortez — surviving gale-force storms, a whale attack and drunken pirates — where I had all sorts of misadventures, such as french-kissing George Michael, partying with the pot-heads, and generally being an unholy terror.

3) As a sailing journalist, I now travel the globe and hobnob with the elite — Dennis Connor bought me a drink once, Ted Turner recognizes me when we meet up though he never remembers my name, and Dawn Riley has confided in me about her love life.

I know, they're all perfectly plausible, boring stories, so which is the lie? Your turn, miss smartypants!


I think #1 is the lie. I don't think you live/grew up in the D.C. metro area--but maybe I haven't read enough archives yet. The ear, though, totally gross.


I got here through Peace & Sereknitty. I'm totally digging your truths & lie. :)


I am going to choose the Goonies story. It sounds so unreal that it can't be true. Or can it? I dunno.


My guess is #1 since if you had grown up near the Chief Justice, you would have known he spelled his name "Burger".And there was no accompanying picture. Of course the pictures could be red herrings. Still think #1 is the lie. My life has been too dull....I'll have to think about my TTAAL.


My guess is #1... ;o)

As for TTAAL, my life has been pretty boring so far so spotting a lie would be pretty easy...but give me a day or so to come up with something ;o)


Number 3, Jules! Whales, my ass...


I am going with number three only because 1) you said earlier you had a stare-down with Mrs. Quayle which puts you in DC at some time near the Goonies, 2) you also said you spent time in the same town in Mexico as the bull fight, and 3) someone else had a story very close to the bullfight one and I can't find it on your blog any place to save my life. I'll get a TTAAL up in the next few days on the blog. Maybe I'll get Lola to do one as well.


Fun thing to do!!! Great way to promote creative thinking! Got to remember this one! I think #1 and #3 are LIES!


#1 - liar liar pants on fire!


I vote #1. #3 just has to be true -- sharing a truck bed with an enormous fish is just the sort of thing that could happen to anyone. #2, an ear, gross, if this one is a lie I would not want to live with your imagination.


I say the Goonies story..


Um ... #3? I hope #2 is not true ... :)

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