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Scribbles & Bits

Lily is indeed lovely!


I totally get you on the vampire thing. I thought it was just me!


I love Lily, it turned out beautiful


This is a great post! I found myself either thinking, "yeah, me too" or "no, not me" or laughing for each thing. And your shrug? Stylish as always.

brenda in toronto

heh - you smell gasoline when you accidently bite your lip?


that collar? too cool!

and you have such interesting facts! :)

[what zimmerman are you doing? :) Oh, we'll find out soon enough, I know! ]


Lookin fab, as always.


It seems highly possible that we were separated at birth. Only that's totally not possible at all.

Also I will trade your quizzes for my legislative committee work...


I like the smell of gasoline too. And nail polish remover. Dunno why.


If you like the smell of gasoline, I'm betting you also liked the smell of the old-fashioned Magic Markers. Unless you are too young to remember the 60s and 70s, in which case, never mind.


You know, I think I've said it before on your blog, but you did a fan-frickin-tastic job. Lily looks wonderful and the collar is a great detail (gotta love that Kim Hargreaves). I also cheated on every single boyfriend until BL.


The sweater is simply lovely...

re:#28 - better than enjoying the smell of blood & the taste of gasoline I should think....


So, what a nice sweater! My shoplifting days were in 4th and 5th grade and I never thought about who I taught better. Thinking about it now, I really couldn't tell you. Maybe boys?


Your "things" are much more interesting than I could ever come up with about myself.

Lily looks great! The collar is awesome. I had planned on using up some Summer Tweed in the stash this summer, but that didn't happen. Maybe after the holidays...

nikki the blogless

Well, hello, speedy knitter. Lily is fabulous. You're not the only one with a crush on Ziegler, either. Although I'd walk away from Toby to be with Jimmy Fallon.


I love the sweater, and I always wanted to be a vampire when I grew up--maybe because of my love affair with Louis and Lestat.


I am totally with you on the taste of blood thing. Maybe, given that and my semi-euphoric tattooing experience, I should consult a therapist...or, ooh, Angelina Jolie. Yeah. I'm gonna call her.


Lily and the smell of gasoline both get a thumbs up! And I so hear you on Jim C in Thin Red Line. Double swoon. Heck he even got me through Angel Eyes. But now...well, you know. It's just not the same.

Dorothy B

Love your Lily, especially the collar. I'm not really sure what kind of monster I would choose, but I don't think it would be all that bad to go out with a touch of the glamour that a vampire's victims seem to.

I cheated on a few boyfriends too.


pretty lily! i've seen so few of kim's patterns finished in blogland since she started selling those kits, but they do look worth it, don't they?

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