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I vote #3. But, that's because #1 and #2 seem to be miles of stocking which would drive me slightly batty--your tolerance for batty may vary and they all look like lovely contenders. Very very fun post.

nikki the blogless

Methinks #1. Yes, there are miles of VVVVV, but by the time you are really bored, Rusted Root will here.


If you do #3, I can live vicariously through your knitting thus allowing me to make something that might look good on me. Of course, I always like to see how #1 turns out differently for people (and it might make Lola actually start hers instead of "talking" about it).


No no! #4! Anything that makes you think of The Princess Bride is a winner!

Liz K.

I can't stop laughing long enoug to decide. Great post -- you should submit it to the Yarnival!


#2! #2! Although the Princess Bride one is a close second...


The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies! So, thusly, I'm voting for #4. Thank you, though, for bringing all these great patterns to my attention! I really *needed* some *more* wanna-knit-somedays added to my list!


i'm so impatiently awaiting some cotton fleece for Rusted Root, too!! I'm thinking #2, but Buttercup is too cute. As you wish, my friend, as you wish.


I don't care so long as you keep WRITING about it. You could make me read the news again...

I've fallen hopelessly behind on the baby-knitting and now have begun about 8 million projects not for myself (which is okay except for the fear of failure is much stronger).

bah. Don't mind me, I have to get back to moping!


#2, but I'm selfish! I also have a ton of Silky Wool that's begging to be knit. But I love the simple knitting of #1. New t.v. season & all...

Scribbles & Bits

Two! Two!
It's for you!
Cute and perfect
For mid-season too!
Gooooooo Bayside!

*shaking pom poms!*


I love em all - I know how you feel though - I avoid cataloging all the projects I have in progress for fear that I'll either justify starting a new one or be horrified by the number!


My fav is #2, I think I might make that one myself.


Love, love, love rusted root! And I pick contestant #1. Mr. Frick needs a new fabulous sweater.


I vote for #1 because you just finished a sweater for yourself; now it's time for your sweetie. Having said that, you go ahead and do what you want!


Very funny! (I still reccomend the wine though.)


I must conclude that by now you have more sweaters than you could possible wear (I know for sure that you have more yarn than one could use in a lifetime of continuous knitcrafts-making). So I propose that you make something for your old pal Hanny, who *loves* her orange socks and is nigh on turning 32. Just a thought...


that was cute!

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  • Dr. G's Memory Vest
    Because it's about time for Mr. Frick to get his yearly handknit.
  • ROY & G. BIV
    Two crochet stashbuster Granny Square blankets. You can probably guess the color schemes. Because you're clever.
  • Bodie's 9-Patch
    Birthday quilt for my nephew. Reds, oranges, dash of blue.
  • Central Park Hoodie
    Classic Elite Skye Tweed Quite possible gnawed on by carpet beetles, and therefore I'm ignoring it, as what I don't see can't infuriate me.
  • Biscuit's Big Boy Blanket
    Rowan Denim Ye gods, will I ever finish this thing?