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It does look like newsprint--or the shredded recycled paper--but I like it. That's a beautiful pattern.

Liz K.

I like to think that I don't blog for the comments, but of course, like everyone else, I do. But I think we like the comments because we really blog because we want to be heard. And the comments make us know someone actually listened.


Yeah...those zany Olsen twins...can't get enough news about them! lol

I made Dune in the Ghost colorway. I still love the color. I just wish I had made it one size smaller. Maybe I'll reknit it someday.
You've made good progress on Lily. I haven't seen the pattern before. It's cute!


Your links, they are excellent. Fox News and TGI Friday's flair! Captain CAVEMAN! I work in public broadcasting, so I'm firmly in your camp. It's all about the DVR and the NPR podcasts for me -- the daily news summary podcast is very handy.

Sometimes it's still about the celebrities, like the rad interview with Kevin Clash aka Elmo!

I'm thinking a lot about that old "moral courage" thing lately and have decided there's more to it than meets the eye; I think it requires enough self-confidence to think your words have meaning to someone beyond yourself and share them. (There, I wrote it down, I've been thinking about that for 3 days...)


The day a teacher's life isn't frantic, hectic, or frayed is the day the teacher retires. Ditto on everything you said about NPR. I honestly think it saved my sanity (and marriage). When Betty and Veronica were little and the Frequent Flyer was managing hotels in Michigan, all I had was Sesame Street to keep me happy. Not the thrilling conversation around the dinner table. Enter NPR - something intelligent, thought provoking, and not presented by Muppets. I've been a loyal listener for 12 years now . . . and even they chronical the occassional adventures of the Olsen twins.

The latest project is lovely, by the way. I absolutely adore the texture in the yarn. Your photos in pose make me smile. If ever I passed you on the street, I would never recognize you unless you held a camera in front of your face!


Love the picture of him reading the newspaper, it does seem lately the news is just a waste of time watching or reading. Love Lily.


Hurrah for NPR in all its messy glory! Thanks for the thought-provoking post - and for the lovely progress pics of Lily!


That crazy Kim Hargreaves....I do love her patterns, but I have heard not so great things about summer tweed.

And as for the music- I have two little trance divas in training, apparently- they are constantly asking for 'Hung Up' and 'Sorry' from Madonna's latest, or the Apple song (pretty much anything from Fiona's disc). I figure, if I'm driving, then I'm in charge of the dial, and although the kiddos get a good dose of Air America, I figure its a good antidote to the crazy right wing conspiracy that is trying to take over their brains. I mean, a kids book by Falafel Boy- I mean Captain Caveman? Who thought that was a good idea?


Did you know that "Pay Me My Money Down" is also on Bruce Springsteen's latest(?) CD, The Pete Seeger Sessions? I've been singing it to myself for weeks, ever since #1 son gave me the CD for my b'day. You should try that one on The Biscuit -- it's a little more upbeat, doesn't drag like what'shisname that you linked to. All the songs are ones we've heard somewhere in our lives and can sing along to.

Yay, NPR! I've only been reading your blog for a short time, so I was a little shook that you referred to Fox, aka, "if we say it loud enough and long enough, it must be true." She can't possibly be one of those right-wing Neanderthals, I thought. But you are obviously a woman who wants to hear all sides. Good for you.

Scribbles & Bits

Faux news indeed! At one poitn, I was signed up for news updates from various news orgs and you know what one of the breaking news e-mails was about? Michael Jackson wearing his pajamas to court. I gave up after that.


you have such a way with words--i love getting news on the latest happenings "frick-style"! it seems that these days the order of the day, where newcasts are concerned, is: question authority!


another NPR lover here - I have recently discovered the joys of podcasts. My life will never be the same.


I listen to NPR every morning - even though the. most. annoying. person in our area is the guy in charge of our local affiliate. I just turn it off when his nasal-y voice comes on ;o)

Lily looks like she has potential ;o)


Lily looks cool! I bought some DB cathay, cause it was on sale... and i'm eyeing your bolero... hmmm. as for the news... i wouldn't mind capt. caveman to do the weather sometimes ;-)


As you know, I love Kim Hargreaves. The pattern (love the name !) and color are gorgeous - I hope you get a lot of use out of it.

Being in the house with a news junkie (+ being a bit of a junkie myself), I honestly think that most of the more liberal news folks are moving a little too right for me. Thank goodness for NPR, but will it be next?


Hi. I've been enjoying your blog for some time. The Yahoo homepage with it's "news headlines" depresses me to no end. What about the "wacky animal story" that is the cover article every few days? A Surfboarding cat, dancing gerbils and the like...Agh!

My 2 local NPR affiliates & their many downloadable podcasts remind me that people do care about subjects beyond Paris Hilton!

nikki the blogless

Lily looks really neat. I have some Summer Tweed that would love to become that. Why, oh WHY, does Kim insist only on selling kits?! Egads!


Traditional West Indian Sea Chanty? Sounds like it's just up my alley! Check out my brand new blog - too late to put the 2 truths and a lie but there's a little there to entertain for the moment. Better put on a bib!

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