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those shoes are sassy -- could explain those two boys in your knitting class?

just kidding...i think it's great you've got adolescent boys interested in knitting.

and congratulations on the yarnival shout out.

and is lily purlitzer what those kids are wearing these days? is 1980 back?

nikki (the blogless)

Lily Pulitzer = Barf

I love lists, too. :)


I think that they should hand out Allegra with the "complimentary" grade books and classroom lists. Our team has already given the "your-bodies-are-changing-please-use-deodorant" speech twice this school year. Lili Pulitzer would be a welcome relief from the tighter than tight and shorter than short skirts some of the girls have worn so far. That being said, this year's crop is wonderful! There is even a knitter in one of the classes.


How about some Airborne? Have you seen that stuff? It's supposed to keep you save from all those germ-factories ;o)


Love those shoes, way to go getting two boys to sign up for knitting.


I hope that you feel better soon!


I cannot believe that kids are going around looking all mummsie like that. Kay recently said that it takes a sense of irony to wear Lily Pulitzer - and I think she hit the nail squarely on the head!

love those shoes --- naughty teacher!

Scribbles & Bits

Gah! I hope you feel better soon so you can continue to work the (not too) sexy/sassy shoes!


Hope you are feeling better soon. I'm surprised it's sneezing and not nausea with all of that Lily Pulitzer around!

Dorothy B

Lily who?

So, school's going that well is it?


Are those little typhoid urchins spreading their germs to you already? Damn! Love the sassy new shoes :)

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