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I have to admit to having fallen behind at some points on responding to comments. I have, however, realized the errors of my ways, and try to respond to every comment (assuming they leave an email or at least blog addy). Thanks for the reminder that it does matter to people!


Wow! Heather is not only a designer par excellence but a really nice gal! Love your 10 bloggy things, as I always do your shared thoughts.

And glad you liked the stitchmarkers.


Wow, that's some school you went to, if you were reading Anne Bradstreet in 4th grade!


i'm with you on replying to comments. it's very rare that i don't. it's what makes blogging fun for me -- the community of it all.


new word! "dickety-billion"! awesome. your words are a gift to all us readers, too.


That pic of the Classic Elite Provence? Gorgeous. I love it!

And boy, can I relate the almost every single one of these. Bloglines changed my blogging experience as well. And replying to comments? If blogger weren't such an ass about the "no-reply" bit I'd reply to them all as well. Alas, I cannot reply if the commenter doesn't let me see their e-mail in their blogger account. But I'm too stubborn to switch. Heh.


You posted 10 things, but I need to know more!


What a great take on this meme! I love reading your blog even if I don't comment too much

nikki the blogless

Great minds think alike! My sweetie is getting a secret message in the bottom hem of his seamless hybrid, too. I'm aiming for not-too-obscene, but will embarass the mother-in-law if she inspects my handiwork.

Liz K.

What an excellent twist on that meme. I can tell you are a Writer.


I think it's about time I checked out this "Bloglines" thing...

Love the hidden message! It alone is the reason I started another seamless sweater. I saved it for last, because I think it will help me finish it faster.


I'm with Maryse, it's so much about the community. Even if I'm not the greatest at responding to all comments, I try. And I always visit the blogs.

Great list!


This makes me feel bad about all the comments I never responded to because I didn't know I *could* respond to comments. I didn't configure it to send me emails. Ah, I was such a n00b.


what a great take on this meme! i wish that i could respond to every comment, but i have the blogger-no-reply problem that was mentioned by other commenters. i do try to visit every commenter's blog or track down an email when i can. and i rarely delete a blog from my bloglines, but i have for the first two reasons that you mentioned! :)


also, i meant to say that these pictures are especially nice! i love the yarn photo, and i am wondering what the pink wip is.


From #8: "when I felt I'd never live up to the standards being presented and therefore decided to save myself by reading no more..." OK - I have a confession. I tried that with your blog. Obviously you can see it didn't work as I'm here reading it! You are just too compelling for me to stay away. I also don't actually leave as many comments here as I would like to - but your posts stick in my brain and I think about them for days after reading them. I'm still back on "For Linda and Louise." That was just so great and inspiring. I decided to go ahead and make some things for some friends that I just wasn't sure about. You are pushing me to be a better person than I really am and I thank you.


I didn't think you could get any more perfect- and I'm not just saying that because of the shoutout. I love this post. And your smile.

I feel like I should buy you a drink after that or something.....

Dorothy B

I can't seem to get my replies to people's comments to go past go and collect $200.00, so I just answer questions from the week on Sundays and read the blogs of everyone who comments on mine so I can comment on theirs. I should check out Bloglines though.


Love the new twist on an old meme!

I'm such a blog lurker - rarely comment, but read a lot. Anyway, know that I'm reading & enjoying your blog, but rarely can think of anything witty & clever to say that hasn't already been said a bizillion times by someone else.


i am so in middle school right now... and i want to sit at your lunch table ;-)


I really like your variation of a meme. You're a champ for blogging without an internet connection!

kelli ann

i don't know if you've written about the Lucy Grealy book yet-- so many blogs, so little patience have i!! but i read 'truth & beauty' last month and was devastated-- (i'm pretty easily devastated, mind you) devastated by the friendship & by the mean-ness of having such a great dramtic story end with drugs... cheers to you!


I've been lurking for a while. You're fun to read! I like your hair ;-)


Ooh, I don't reply to comments either and now I wish I did (I especially wish I'd replied to your comments because well, like Kristi said, it does matter to people)!
I always visit my commenters' blogs and well, leave a comment of my own - and continue to visit and comment until they get sick of me... does that count? x


This post made me laugh so much!
And, from the previous one - your forecast looks great!
I'm about to start on Buffy season two (again!) - definately enough time to finish up season one this weekend =)

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