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j a r e d

the bluths... yeah you and me both.

I'm meditating on my newly purchased copy of season 3.


I miss the Bluths as well. I miss them terribly.

Also? Your answer to #5 made me spit my water all over my monitor. Hee.


Wow #16-me 2 a t and yes, where have all the Bluthies gone? You have the Night Kitchen? I still have the tape of Where the Wild Things are. I'm in the milk and the milk's in me! OK, now I'm getting silly.


Hey, check out my answers. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dorothy B

Pie Hole, huh? Sounds like what I have.

Forecast was delayed by bad weather was it? :)

brenda in toronto

holy crap, do we think alike! i could have written this! (especially red vs pink!!)


Ok, if you can levitate we have certainly not been using this to our advantage... Can you levitate others? In the middle of second period?


I love your answer to #12 :o)


I stole it from Cara too!


Very good to know!
Any particular type of pie?

~your SP9 pal

Passions & Distractions

I love reading your asnwers to these memes. just the right mix of funny and serious!


I miss the Bluths too! And I'm also a mint choc chip girl


Come on . . . I think I miss Gob most of all. If you got television reception, you can still catch them on the Gamers Channel (how they mesh with gamers is beyond me). Just the ukelale (spelling optional) puts me in a happy spot.


I miss the Bluths too.


Kim P

Delurking here. Lorna's mint chip sock yarn! Love it. Last night I cast on for my first jaywalker using the mint choc chip. Hooray!!

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