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What a wonderful story! (from a fellow *heathen*)


My mother also wants to secretly baptize LL. I keep the two of them away from water.


My mother did secretly baptize Gus! She waited a full year to tell me. I'm still not sure what she thought my reaction was going to be, but she was real proud of herself.


i am touched by your story and (surpise!) i was in a wedding this weekend, too! it was a looong time since i've been to church and feel somewhat the same when it comes to going to church (so disconnected!) but with family and friends i believe there is some other force here that connects us... can't explain it, but i just feel it. if it's the god, allah, the big JC, dharma, the FORCE or what have you i believe it's there...


What Lola didn't mention is that our mom also baptized our sister's two kids while giving them baths . . . and she probably baptized her cat as well. Thankfully, I wasn't in a wedding this weekend (the last was Lola's and when someone tells you, "Buy a knee length black dress and you don't need to wear stockings," you kind of hope there aren't any more), but I am sure it was lovely.


I completely agree - never was a fan of church, even when we stopped being Catholic - which was definitely an improvement. But always had that special feeling on holidays around family :)


I agree, it's how we live every day that counts. Here's one I think you'll like. Sitting in a church every Sunday does not make you any more Christian than sitting your garage makes you a car.


I haven't gone to church in like 10 years - and my Pastor likes to remind my daughter of this while she's checking out his groceries *sigh*

It's not so much that I don't believe - it's more like I'd rather be sleeping...

Dorothy B

I believe, although attending the Catholic church after having been brought up Baptist is very interesting. I don't go often since my parents are still very Baptist.


I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your photos, your knitting, and your wry wit! I'm so glad to have been introduced to your lovely blog. I look forward to future pictures, future stories.


Great story. The flowers are lovely too.


So true, so true. It just cracks me up that every "religious" person thinks that anyone who doesn't believe exactly what they believe is going to hell. I have no problem with people's beliefs, as long as they don't push them on me. I don't push Christians to become agnostic and feel I deserve the respect to make my own choices in that regard.


I believe we all have the right to our own beliefs, whatever that may be. Also it is not the "going to church" once a week that is important, but how we live our life each day. Love the flower picture.


Great picture of the hyacinth bean flowers -- one of my very favorites, so much so I had some in my wedding bouquet, speaking of weddings.


I absolutely love Christmas - it's my favorite time of year. And you're right that it's the family and friends that make it special hence the reason that I don't have any fond Christmas "church" memories...ok, ok it was kind of exciting to get to stay up late for midnight mass but in a dog going to the vet kind of way. Excited til you get there. BTW - I posted a Two Truths & A Lie contest - thanks for the idea - it was fun!


Me, too, ditto on all that stuff! :) Love the photo!

Holly of HollYarns

Love the blog--definitely great writing with perfect doses of wit, irony, and straightforwardness. I am always so afraid to speak about religion--I'm also a heathen--on my blog since I'm afraid of scaring away potential yarn buyers (I dye my own).

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