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This is one of my favorites --


This is my favorite FO, made tragic by the fact that I currently can't find one: http://knitenabler.typepad.com/photos/finished_socks/cfs_grass.html

And I loved that you 'fessed up to the true ratio of pictures taken to pictures posted. Isn't everyone this way?


My two favorites:

First sweater

First quilt

So proud of both.

I am totally drooling over your sock stash. The colors! I am happy to be a demographic if it means more pretty sock yarn :)

Liz K.

My favorite FO is always the most recently finished one, so today, it happens to be the Accordion sweater.


And I too love Abi's pics of her son, as well as all of her photos.

BTW, you have some luscious sock yarns there!


I looooove this sweater that Glampyre made a while back: http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id95.html
I hope it's one of the patterns in her forthcoming book, but I doubt it :(

Your sock yarn stash is making me feel faint. That blue Koigu! Get out the smelling salts.


This is my favorite, just because it's so pretty. and I hope with cooler weather I'll be able to use it soon!



Oh, were we only supposed to do our own FO's? If so, mine's probably my one skein wonder:
I wear it all the time.


Mmm sock yarn! I love your lists, too. :)

My favorite FOs are ones I haven't blogged as FOs yet (blasphemy, I know). One is a raglan in Cornell colors for my baby sis. I made up the pattern and finished it within 3 weeks and gave it to her before she moved up there.

Here's the almost-FO post:


I've been reaading your blog for a while, but never commented before, but the sock yarn is simply too tantalizing. However, I don't have a blog of my own...so I can't link you to a finished object. I have a weakness for STR, the top one in your picture, and my own as well. My favorite FO (is?) are my STR socks, my first pair ever. They're too short, have weird heel holes, and are an awkward pattern...but I love them the best!


the whole way through reading i kept wondering when you were going to tie in the sock yarn. i'm with jenna on that blue koigu -- and blue is not my color.

as for the contest -- i have *way* too much sock yarn, so i'm going to let it go to a better home.


I think my favorite fo right now is the one on my nephew in my most recent post ...


My husband would vote for my Sarcelle: (http://www.knitanon.com/blog/sarcelle.html).

But the real question I have is: what color Lorna's Laces is that in the middle of the LL pic? Must. Get. It.

Dorothy B

I like your lists. I take a whack of pictures too. I know how to use Photoshop, but most of the time I forget I have it and just post the best picture of the lot. It's not like I'm wasting film after all.
I can't post a link to my favourite FO yet because I am saving it and the pattern for my blogiversary next month, but here is a link to my second favourite FO.
Although, my favourite is being overshadowed by Girly's Halloween Bag. If I'm as happy with it when it's finished as I am now, it will definitely hit number one on my list.

You have some very pretty sock yarns there. Why not make lace scarves or fingerless gloves with some of it? Fingerless gloves can't be any more work than a sock.


They weren't for me and they didn't fit the recipient too well but they were so cool and funky. http://knitting40shadesofgreen.typepad.com/photos/finished_objects/sockpalsocks3.html

I love your lists.


I must be an automated robot, too, because it takes me three tries to pass the stupid wxy46d test.


What a lovely sock yarn stash! Looks like you had a great time at Rhinebeck.

My favourite FO is my recently finished Lara sweater found here: http://craftybird.blogspot.com/2006/10/lara.html
So cozy and it fits! I'm very happy as it is my first adult-sized sweater.


I also like lists.

My fave fo by myself is Frankie, he's just so cute!

My fave fo right now out on the internets is these gorgeous, cashmere lined mittens:


Finished this Socktober even:


My own handdyed and my own pattern!

megan philistine

Gotta go for some of that socky goodness {insert Homer-style ::drool::} ... Come, on, big money, big money, no Whammies!

My favorite FOs hands down, no question are:

Eunny's Cabled Hooded Cardigan

I am absolutely dying to make one of these, but it was created using that exasparating equation of 3/4 part out-of-print pattern and 1/4 part super-awesome-visionary-knitting-moxie. [Can I get some of that moxie in a to-go cup, please?]


J a r e d's Shetland Triangle.


megan philistine

Okay, I am apparently incapable of a properly-functioning comment. So, again, this time with feeling (and more importantly, functioning links):

Fave FOs:
Eunny's Cabled Hooded Cardigan


J a r e d's Shetland Triange

Still want that moxie.


I think my favorite may still be a button hole bag... can you believe it after all we made?

Of course at the moment I'm pretty proud of these!


I think my favorite may still be a button hole bag... can you believe it after all we made?

Of course at the moment I'm pretty proud of these!


It's (obviously) not my FO, nor is it a garment, but this is my favorite:


ha! i joined soctoberfest and i haven't cast on yet. although i do have something in mind so i'm a little bit ahead of you. i'm learning how to use photoshop elements, but i haven't used it yet, and i don't even crop. like you i just post the best of the lot. finally, my current favorite FO has to be this one:

and another FO that someone else did is this one:
http://klaj.blogspot.com/ see the october 28th post.


Of my own FOs, my Shetland Triangle is my favorite: http://lauraknitting.blogspot.com/2006/06/amazing-lace-poetry-challenge.html.

Of others', it's another Shetland Triangle. I second the commenter who linked to brooklyntweed's.


trying that link again...


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