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You know up until about 2 weeks ago, I had never heard of Luddites, now I seem to see/hear about them everywhere! As to what your husband is telling you by that snippet, I think it could go either way...




What I gleaned from this history lesson is that your husband needs to invent something. Not that it would stop you from knitting.


I've found that men are pretty simple creatures and most...MOST, mind you...don't use vague references to 18th century uprisings to tell us what they want. They just tell us what they want.

Now we women, on the other hand...


...hmmm...has he been disappearing into the basement for hours and giving you covert glances while quietly laughing to himself...? ;o)


ha! That is too funny! And I think Luddite is your word of the day. ;)


That's priceless! I've got to pass this one on to a few friends!


The trouble is really in Pynchon. Men love Pynchon. That is the trouble.


Hummmm hard to tell! Interesting story!


You know, the man in my house mentioned something about this very story to me a few days ago. Maybe it's something in the air.


LOL! He's very subtle...


I agree with LaDonna-men are simple, he was probably just thinking of you and is just admiring one of the things he loves about ya!


Follow-up: Went to lunch with my dad today (long story, in a way, and he lives out of town), and he has recently decided to tackle Pynchon and tells me, "Dellilo blows away Foster Wallace and Pynchon blows away both. Of course, I read five pages and put the book down, then pick it up the next day and have to go back three pages, and I'm only 1/5 of the way in, but the sentences! And he's so funny!"



I agree with LaDonna and Carol. If he has a problem with you knitting 24/7, he wouldn't send you obscure 18th century references from one of the hardest-to-read authors since James Joyce. He's just tell you.

At least I think that's what he would do -- it's what my husband would do. But obviously I don't know Mr. Frick (who has grown inestimably in my opinion by reading Pynchon, btw, not that that matters) so you'll have to decide.

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