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Excellent embellishment. I'm bummed I didn't get in on this. It would be nice to knit something quick.

LeighB in ATL

Anoint that head, anointy-nointy!

miss ewe

Great hat! Love the shaping... like an unwrapped Hershey's Kiss!


I love the color and the buttons. Nice.


it looks great!! the buttons are a great touch too...what type of yarn did you use? Looks like lambs pride bulky?


All I can think of is delicious, delicious Hershey's kisses. Mmmmm...


Perfect, perfect buttons.


love the descending button sizes, and the colors.. very anthropologie.


I love it! The buttons rock my world.


Oh, buttons... thanks for the nudge to think about my mother's and my grandmothers' button jars, especially the tiny scraps of fabric that hung on when the button was snipped away and saved.


Love your Meathead! i'll be posting mine tonight when I get home. It was a really fun and super fast knit, even for me! Great idea with your mom's buttons!


i love it with the buttons.

i bought the yarn for mine ... hmmm need clever embellishment.


I'm on deadline right now but started my Meathead in the car the other day. I snuck out and knit about 4 rows before my "break" was over - I felt like a closet-smoker going out to sneak a ciggybutt.

I'll post pix to my sad little blog after the folks skedaddle after Tday.


I have to say, I like yours the best so far. :)


Excellent hat. The buttons are the perfect touch. By the way, I started my Shedir last night. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I need to focus on the pattern the whole time.

Karen B.

Beautiful button embellishments. I really like how you've lined them up, large to small as the hat comes to a point.


I saw a hat like this in London and thought, "This could be knit rather quickly" and put it back. Nice to see I wasn't wrong! I absolutely love the buttons (can I raid your mom's button box?). Off to find some Hershey's kisses before conferences.


That hat reminds me of a dollop of whipped cream!

Kim P

Yo, love the hat. I am definitely making one (or more) for X-mas knitting. The buttons are great. Thanks for the inspiration!


that is the cutest meathead i've ever seen!

j a r e d

wonderful! And i love exploiting students as models! haha ;)


I love this hat: so much whimsy and happiness and life in this hat, with its buttons marching upwards and onwards. Take care-- :)


Cool (does anyone use that word any more)?
The buttons are smashin' (sorry - don't know where these words are coming from today)! x


so cute! now get ta emailin' yer seester!


I LOVE that hat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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