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laura b

Surely you mean quadruple digits?


Um, your sister looks pregnant in this picture, too. 4 years old and really, really pregnant.

Oh, knees? Never mind...


so cute! I want to hear more about that Scrabble match .... and was it a double word score that did it?


love the pic! childhood looks great in black & white.


Love your handwriting. Has your handwriting evolved? I looked back over some of my handwriting from high school, then college, and then now and it's really neat to see the difference and to remember why I made my y's a certain way or R's. Anywho, Raising Arizona is a great movie. When I think of that movie, I think of the yodeling and Nic Cage running down the street with the diapers. That's a great picture, by the way.


If you need any extras for your perfect day, let me know!


What a great picture! I've always wanted to have a sister.


Don't you just love the sister-guilt trip? Give as good as you get hon. The phone rings both ways I say.


"training my monkey mind"....are you reading Robert Anton Wilson?

brenda in toronto

great post... you won your hub in a scrabble match? do tell!


Another vote for the scrabble match story, please.


I wanted to be Madonna so bad that I actually dressed like her on the first day of sixth grade (i.e. not in a way that was inspired by her--just exactly like her). It's probably needless to say that I was not a particularly popular kid.


Love the picture, I have always loved black and white photos.

Dorothy B

Love the picture.

Your handwriting is so much neater than mine.

Winning Mr. Frick in a Scrabble game?


that is a perfect day. so cute in that picture!


that's why i'm glad that my real life family and friends don't know about the blog. they can't use it to guilt me into doing anything.


that's such a lovely photo!

i'm quite fond of pumpkin pie myself too. :)


Oh, that's such a sweet picture of you with your sister. It makes me think of my sister. Childhood pictures are so fun.


Awwww. Sisters are the best! What a sweet picture of you two. And might I add that 'Raising Arizona' ROCKS! I love that movie too :)


Adorable photo!
I'm a big Aimee Mann fan too.


Great photo! Sisters the best, are they not? They always let you know! Mine says I have to write shorter blog posts so she will have time to read them!


Nice to learn more about the Frick family and that they too are addicted to Scrabble.


your handwriting is beautiful!


I love seeing close-knit seesters. Mine is my best friend.


I love your handwriting. Mine hasn't changed since I was about 8.

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