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brenda in toronto

welcome back - missed you! i know this is a hard time for you and yours...

for the hat yarn, i love this Alpaca stuff: http://www.woolneedlework.com/Yarn/baby_alpaca_sport.shtml
(sorry, best link i could find)... it's ultra-warm, ultra-soft; very chunky though - did you want chunky?


I'm knitting up a bunch of hats in knitpicks Swish. Good colors, machine washable, wool, great price. So sorry to hear about your friend; sounds like Mr. Frick's best friend has lots of support at this difficult time.


Welcome back! The softest, warmest hats I've ever made are both out of Rio de la Plata. You would swear this stuff had microfiber in it--it's that soft--but it is all wool all the time, and you can still pull it right down over your ears with no itching. It's got a nice consistent heavy worsted-weight spin (unlike some other Uruguayan yarns I could name, ahem), good not-too-solid colors and some lovely kettle-dyed combos--perfect for striping into a hat.

By the way, I think I blew some of my students' minds today when I referred to Paradise Lost as "an epic retelling of the Christian origin myth." And those are COLLEGE students.


Happy you are back, appreciator of philistines! I have no useful advice for hat-production. I've yet to make one myself, though, try as I might, I can't get that darned Shedir out of my head. I might have to put down the sweaters for just a moment and make myself one of those.


Sing it sister! Glad to see you back!

laura b

What a nice idea. Whatever you choose, I'm sure something handmade will mean a lot to him.


so glad you are back! I've made some super-fast hats from misti baby alpaca chunky. It's really, really soft and thick and makes for a nice hat. However, it's very warm, especially for over here in CA, where it's supposed to be ...(dramatic pause)...90 degrees tomorrow. So I don't know if that's a concern for you...


if you need someone to harmonize i am here! i suggest the Blue Sky Organic Cotton, great colors and so soft! (their alpaca is soft too and also a good amount of colors). glad to see you back.


Yup. That's one reason my husband chose not to teach mythology this year - they get it again in 8th I think and he was going to find it really hard to not point out the similarities in Christianity. But, I am glad you're back, though I know you're heart must be heavy. Knitting a hat will be a wonderful thing.


www.smileysyarn.com is selling Filatura Lanarota
Puno 100% alpaca for $2.99/ball (50 grams, 97 yards). I haven't gotten mine yet, nor have I ever used this yarn, but I couldn't pass up the bargain.


check out the "last minute purled beret" at knitandtonic.typepad.com

her yarn suggestions are always spot on and that pattern is great.

Tokyo Knitter

Great to see you are back! How about Rowan All Seasons Cotton?


Iphigenia is one of my favorite names ever. DH thought it would be bad form to name our dd that even if I love to say it over and over. Clytemnestra is fun too but it sounds too disease like.

I had a Great Books teacher (Sister Mary Frederick) who went down the list of authors "Plato -- pagan; Aeschylus -- pagan; etc."

Thanks -- I don't get to post much about this in the knit blog world.

Dorothy B

I've recently found Naturally Colourworks and it is a really nice soft thick-thin wool. My Girly will wear the hat and doesn't complain about itching or hurting.

If you do decide to make an afgan, I would be happy to help out.


No hat suggestions, but when you decide let me know and I'll make the scarf!


I'm glad you're back... and I'm glad your friend has such a thoughtful, caring person to watch over him. I think a nice, soft, comforting hat is in order. Dare I say cashmere?


I'm knitting a baker's dozen of hats for my daughter's hockey team from KnitPick's Swish which is soft and easy to knit, tho I have heard that there may be shrinkage issues (up to 20% in length) if machine washed and dried. I'm using Crumpart(.com)'s Chocolate Ribs pattern which is a 4x2x2x2 ribbed beanie- stripe it your way (so far all 6 of the hockey hats I've finished have a different stripe pattern). The hat works up quickly in any worsted weight. (I found the pattern link and Swish info from Brainylady.) My sincerest condolences to Timmy.

j a r e d

I'm knitting up a hat with KnitPicks Panache (thought i should finally try some of their 'luxury' blends) and am enjoying it much more than i anticipated. Color selection is limited, but they have a few good ones.

I love my Karabella Aurora 8 hat, and the bulky version is luscious as hell, but i little ridiculously priced (for the yardage). I hear WEBS has a new superwash that might be nice, but haven't yet tried.

I dont even need to mention calmer (obviously)... but i love it. I'm dying to try Rowan Wool Cotton - I felt a sample knit a month ago and freaked out, I loved the fabric so much.

you're great.
I've been thinking of you over here.


Nice to see you back. I can't offer anything in the way of hats that hasn't been already commented on, just glad you're back. x


Glad you're back -- you've been missed.


we missed you.


Welcome back friend!


I grew up in a very secular family (my mother liked to celebrate Jewish cultural traditions but wasn't religious, and my father used to say "In the winter I'm a Buddhist and in the summer I'm a nudist" if I asked him about his religion), but "Simple Gifts" was one of the songs we sang together. I still find it soothing... and inexplicable catchy.

It's to hear from you! Take care.


Oops! I meant to write "It's great to hear from you!" but somehow the "great" escaped. But truly, I always look forward to your posts.


I became an agnostic about halfway through my catholic schooling. Luckily my school wasn't too heavy on the religion - we had a lot of buddhists and muslims attending. But chapel and cathedral services were compulsory. I didn't mind. I found it, like you, rather uplifitng. And the singing I loved. While all the believers bowed their head to the glory of God I looked up at the stained glass windows and wondered at the ability of human beings to make such a beautiful space, a reverent moment.

I find the trouble with being an agnostic/non worshiper is that I don't have the reminders to appreciate what we have that organised religion can give. So I take those moments where I can get them.

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