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Dorothy B

I'd love to help you out, but my centerfold says my blog is enough exposure for him.


hee hee...maybe you can get that guy who posed for knit.1 with that giant, um, "knitting needle."


Oh man - that song came out when I was in middle school and now my eldest daughter is in middle school and I just feel so old!
I don't know - Biscuit is pretty darn cute! Esp with that dimple! You better watch out - it won't be long 'til your phone starts ringing off the hook!


biscuit is a dreamboat.

sorry, i don't have anything worthy of yarnival for you. i peaked with the color and color scarf

kelli ann

oh, those dimples-- he's like peaches and cream!!


hm. i owe you some responses but here's a challenge. you need a man? with his own blog or just a picture of, say, a man knitting?

not the best pic but: http://www.flickr.com/photos/92859903@N00/292758608/

brenda in toronto

heh. j. geils rawks!


it slightly scares me to know that my brainwaves sometimes cross yours (mind sharing some of your amazing witty writing waves??)... i read your comment on jan-one and dude i'm so contemplating the central park, too! if you go for it let me know... as for Biscut... the dimples! I melt for dimples!


Throw that ol' meathead hat on yer Biscuit and you got yerself one super hunk for Yarnival. I mean, is there really any other choice?!


I'm with knittingphilistine. One meathead hat + biscuit = sweet centerfold.

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