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Dorothy B

It sounds as though you are a lucky girl. I wonder what he would have done if you had had a run of bad luck with the Scrabble tiles? Not to say that he would have wandered off, just what challenge would he have thrown out there for you to beat him at.


Oh, that dad and boy picture.... heart-melting.


Aww. Just what I needed to read after coming home from my latest crap date--gives me hope that there is still a guy out there who'd want me to beat him at Scrabble. (Most of them just get all cranky when you do.)


beautiful sweater. wonderful family. dad and son photos are the best. My son has slippers jsut like those, in blue.


What a great frickin' post. Seriously. Mr. Frick sounds like a keeper, and that sweater is absoluetly fabulous. yay.


love the mr. frick edition. and how clever to just "slip in" an FO post too. the sweater is wonderful and a classic one he'll wear for a long, long time.


The slipper picture is precious. Thanks for the link to the lettering site,someday I'll knit Mr. Knitsox an SH.


Mr. Fricks Seamless Hybrid looks fantastic on him! He sounds like a wonderful man.


Julie that sweater is lovely! I just finished my husband's first sweater, swearing to never knit him another (he's a bit tall), but this post may have won me over. What book is this pattern found in??


I say submit yourself to Yarnival. You win again for FO posts. Great sweater and great post.


I love this post! Thanks for sharing some personal moments with Mr. Frick. The sweater is awesome, BTW. Which EZ book has that pattern?


beautiful sweater, beautiful post! you & mr. frick are very fortunate to have each other. but you don't need us to tell you that. :)


The sweater is GREAT! Love the writing, love the colors, LOVE that bit behind the neck.

Mr. HelloYarn and I very much agree with your taste in movies.

Mad Dog.


I love that sweater! Thanks for the chart page too, I'm going to have to steal your idea for my hubby's seamless hybrid!

Liz K.

What a fantastic SH for Mr. Frick, and as usual, an excellent post to boot.

Glad to hear you, Mr F. and the gang are keeping your heads above water. Hang in there.

Karen B.

This is such an original storytelling twist on the standard "100 Things" meme. And the photos are just perfect!


what a sweet post!

the inscription is such a clever idea too!


Beautiful sweater, beautiful tribute!


sweet tribute to mr. frick...


a beautiful sweater to match a beautiful post, juliƦ!


Love your blog, really I do!

Such sweet posts about Mr. Frick, and in general I love the way you look at things. Plus you sound like fun :)

My parents also got together because Friend A was joining the service and asked Friend B (my dad)to watch out for his girl (my mom) - guess it always goes the same way!

brenda in toronto

every post is better than the last, j! what a great idea to inscribe the hem...


The sweater turned out great and your husband is a keeper, for sure! Meanwhile, I'm still knitting away on my husbands sweater....


Love this post! It makes me not want to run away from my family to an island with UPS service from Knit Picks. Mr. Frick is one lucky man!


I read this post 5 times - truly beautiful.

I hope you're working on the next '100 Things' instalment.

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