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miss ewe

That IS a great photo. Your friend is talented. Why not add a "rename colourway" contest to the next Yarnival? I, too, could stand a new term.


I want a cupcake. I also want a new word for color____.


That is a great color combo, and a wonderfully punchy photo. I don't know the first thing about dyeing, but I'm sure you can do it. Much as I am sure that you can come up with a new word for that word which makes me feel deeply pretentious whenever I use it.


Chromatisme - it's French for colour range (although the chroma part is Greek)...


Mmmmmm cupcakes. I'm sure you can get that colorway! Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I have to get Kate to do more knit drawings, she's good with the sharpies.


Am trying to get past te cupcakes to focus on color, but having a hard time. Seems like a worthwhile endeavour, but I don't know shinola about dyeing yarn.


That is a great photo, and colorway needs a new name. I think the Yarnival contest Miss Ewe suggested is a great idea.


Genius of an idea! LOVE it.


love the picture! i've gotten a little addicted to flickr lately, just browsing cool photos.

YES! we need a new name for colorway. i feel SO STUPID every time i say it.


I can't believe the frosting on that cupcake. I'd have stuck my face in it, too, though perhaps a little further.

"Colorway" is one of my least favorite words, and I avoid its use like the plague. A new word would be a DREAM!

You go right ahead and email if you have dyeing questions, though I'm sure you'll be fine.


I hate "colorway". I've said it once out loud, & I felt like one of those surprised guys being approached by Chris Hanson on Dateline. Just dirty.

How do you like Extremely Loud?


I have no idea about dyeing, but I love the colors. I also like the beer bottle sleeves


i do like that photo too and the colors within. and i hate the word color* too. i don't feel dirty when i say it, but i do feel stupid.

but anything i come up with feels equally wrong.

although chromatisme isn't quite as bad ... and it is french so tht would make it at least classier. no? certainly more arrogant. hunh hunh hunh.


ohhh, yum. i'm VERY hungry for that icing. and red velvet (one of my favorite cake names... so... velvety)
i completely empathize with that color feeling. i generally want it badly at sunset, on long walks... too chicken to try the dyeing, though. good luck!



(i think blue sky cotton's colors are close. which makes me feel even.more.strongly that i want to go to the yarn store *right now*.)

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