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I'm baffled.


Well, according to Wikipedia, a peninsula can also be referred to as a "Bill," and it is a name commonly repeated in lots of media.... Baby Bill, perhaps?


How about Bradley/Brad?

You get tons of "Brad" in the media, and "Bradley" is Old English for "broad clearing in a wood."


Dude. Poor kid. She's naming him Baghdad. Congratulations nonetheless!! ;-)


A boy! Congratulations!

Bailey? My dictionary says: "the outer wall of a medieval castle or any of the several walls surrounding the keep."

Barrow? Berkley? Brentwood? Broughton?


Boondock? I'm at a loss.
Congrats on the new nephew to be, though!


Congratulations! This will one well knit for boy! i'm guessing Robert for Bobby.


Forgot, You're gonna love the Top Down Bonnet! My ahem-16 year old had me make one for her.


Briar? Not in the news. Barack? Not on the map. Blaine? As in Red, White and...? Bluth?

I'm out.


These are all very Good Guesses. I'm a pretty lousy guesser!


Please don't let her name the baby BORAT! Please!! Just kidding - Burke? no, Butte? No, Burton? no, I just don't know.
Barain!! That's it.
ok - i don't know.




Bush. Tough break.


Well, okay if she likes it, but personally I think Bulgaria stinks as a kid's name.

Wait. Maybe it's Blair, as in Tony. Or Brittane, as in Spears.


Brooks? It starts with a 'B' and they are geographical....hmmm.


what a creative way to announce the good news! and so fun for you a the little guy....


Bazooka Joe? :) that game would drive me INSANE! :)

brenda in toronto

well, as long as he's not a Brat, you're ok! Congrats auntie Julia!


Buckaroo Bonzai? Ah, I wish.


That totally sounds like something my sister would do--except that 8.5 months in, my sister hasn't gotten around to picking a name yet! This is going to scratch at my brain for days, I can tell--I'll let you know if I come up with any good guesses.

Dorothy B

Ben as in Mount Ben Lomond, Utah? Inspiration for the Paramount Pictures logo.

Also as in Ben Afleck, Ben (Ross's son in Friends) and I'm pretty sure that there are Ben's in U.S. Radio and U.S. Newspapers.


Yeah, I was going for Bush but Rachel beat me to it.

Check out the wonderful sweaters in Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits Book. She has a couple but I think that one is the best. I like the Cable & Seed Stitch Jacket. The Baby Kimono is cute too.


berg? that means mountain in german.
or banks.




definitely "ben" - it's the scottish name for mountain so if you looked at a map of the UK you'd see lots of bens (ben lomond & ben nevis for example). xo


My guess is Ben as well, but it could also be Bryn. That means "hill" in Welsh.

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