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At least you have the excuse of Biscuit for the chaos in your life. I've got no excuse just a god awful mess.

And one of the best things I ever bought my husband was a Furious George t-shirt.


I wish I could get Biscuit's T-shirt in my size.


It looks beautiful and lived in, every bit of it. (And besides, real squirrels bite.)


Totally gratifying. Thank you for sharing chaos. Ahh, and your button stash. So, so jealous of the button stash. Am visting parents right now. Must filch buttons.


I thought of taking a picture for my blog of my (very messy) kitchen sink the other day then thought better of myself. Maybe I'll go back and do it, so I can remember all the good times me and my kitchen sink have.

love the buttons!


love the chaos. that crop feature on a camera can disguise so much...and where oh where did you get the jess hutch pattern book! i saw her robots on the cover of craft mag and all i keep thinking about are making knitted Robots! (that and the CP of course...)


Oh, thank goodness. I thought I was the only one with chaos in my life. I just got done cleaning out a laundry basket shoved full of crap I hid when I didn't want a co-worker to see my messy house the other day. Now, do I iron so I can finally wear a white blouse again or do I knit calorimetry for Veronica?


Taking pictures of one's life as it is lived is such an inspired idea. We should also take lots of pictures of each other as we go about our daily stuff. When I'm 90 and in the Home, I want to have pictures of my family doing their normal stuff, not standing stiffly at attention in some formal shot.

About the buttons: my mother's button box was one of my favorite toys as a child. I'd sort them by size and color and shape and number of holes and who knows what. The idea of pouring yours out of all their individual baggies kinda gave me a shiver. But that's okay. Mine are still sorted ;-)


Hee--and here I was thinking you were perfect. I'd take a picture of the inside of my closet--i.e. the place where I shoved all the crap before a bunch of people came over today--but I think I'l have warmer fuzzies with carefully-edited memories ;)

laura b

Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a messy home!


Yup, I'm with Ashley - HEAVILY edited memories it is (until such time as my own little Biscuit comes along...) x


I dig you. You're so entertaining!

Great buttons.

Your Elmo scares me. Something about that red puppet gives me the willies.


Hey, it looks like my house. As my girlfriend says, it is a lived in, fun house, where kids can play and relax.


Well, at least you captured my *best* bits...

Shawn Colvin says hi.

kelli ann

*gasp* you're not considering real nut butter on those bird feeder things, are you?!?!? grosgrain ribbon also presents a strangulation hazard. dear lord-- i may just have to go lie down.
exploring new work-avoidance techniques this morning: i'm beginning to think that's why the tradition of christmas-card-writing was started in the first place. happy holidays to biscuit & his mum & dad!!

Passions & Distractions

You crack me up! And yay knitting! I'm a bit jealous that you got the Jess Hutch book. I found out about it after it was sold out. One day, though, I shall get me hands on it and it shall be fantastic! Mwahahaha!


Ah, it is so reassuring to see that others live the way I do. The passions of the moment (mine and my family's) scattered around me.

I have a box of buttons like your bowl. When I was in HS there was a boy who kept asking me out. I was never interested, always turned him down. He caught wind of the fact that I liked to sew and started bringing boxes of buttons to my house as gifts. His grandfather had once worked in a button factory. My mother dubbed him the "Button King". I eventually went on a date with him, but only one. It takes more than buttons to win this girls heart! :)

Dorothy B

I love the chaotic kind of real life pictures. There are so many more stories in them. Some the author never knew they were telling. Mine would be the constant stream of laundry on the couch and the piles of disorganized knitting paraphernalia everywhere.


oh i feel so much better seeing all of your chaos.


hello! i have been buried almost as though snow came up all the way to my door. it's good to come out and see this post of colors and happy family life. on the weekend, my sister reminded me of a note from our childhood that i had forgotten and oh it would absolutely not have shown up in a pristine white-backed photograph.

i'm not fully back yet and though i've been working on a mixed cd for you, thinking of you, i am at a loss as to expressing "real" thoughts in comments just now. but you are in my thoughts.



i love this post... i am forever cropping things like the upturned mop bucket out of my photos. the chaotic table is much more the daily existence for sure... and that table speaks of merriment and a good time!


your dining room table looks like my family room floor. i love chaos...it keeps life interesting.


My grandma had the ubiquitous box of buttons too. Sadly, I was many years away from realizing the value of them all when she passed so lord only knows where they ended up. Probably in the trash (she had all sons). My favorite were the leather 'tweed jacket' ones. Fancy!


Chaos is life in all its glory! My table looks similar, but without the toys. More like counting the blessings instead of the messings.


So I somehow stumbled upon your blog. I think it was meant to be. I teach 6th grade reading, we have a huge knitting club afterschool and I have a two year old son who I called Biscuit before he was born. (Now he goes by Boo)

My dining room table looks eerily similar!

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