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miss ewe

I'm willing to confirm your knits have turned on you, if you will attest to the fact that gauge gremlins came in the night to mess up mine.

The Feminist Mafia

Yes, your knits have turned on you, and you have every reason to bitch.


Look, if my dog can write a post complaining about yo-yos then your knits can turn on you -- as they obviously have.

The ECT thing: you crack me up!


ha! you crack me up! evil handknits!!

[and for the record, I think those colors will work famously for Jared's pattern. :) ]


This post brightened up my whole day, really it has. I laughed too hard to be appropriate for a library environment! Thanks for bringing out the funny! Good luck getting everything done!


you so silly!

you know what? with backtalking hand knits like that i'm thinking they should all have a "timeout." hell, i would have been grounded for less.

as for the i-cord garland ... wait 'til you see what i have planned.....


HA! Best holiday post ever. I miss my letter magnets.


You be the master of your knits... you show them! And if they give you more lip Rip Em ;-) Oh and i am most jealous of your robot. how does one get a pattern the astute reader asks?!


What a great post -- and I just discovered your blog for the first time today. I loved it. And I'll be back often. Thanks!


Very impressive spelling from your handknits! I'm pretty sure mine wouldn't know how to spell half of those words.


Tell your knitting to eff off. You can finish it all and knit miles more of the i-cord. And you can knit it all faster than a one-armed robot. And take care of Biscuit and all the other stuff. You might not bathe or brush your teeth for a while, but you'll have some finished handknits!

Liz K.

Oh my god. You are the funniest.

At least your knits can spell. My knits are total illiterates.


You're fricking nuts. Thanks for that.


I love this post. I had to skim because I should be cleaning or making presents, but I love the way it looks and I get the gist. I think that I didn't get a chance to thank you for writing to Delta. You so rock, on so many levels. :))))))


Don't let those letters intimidate you! Show them who's boss!


Warsh. Heh. My grandma says "warsh" but she actively denies this, so my Christmastime is going to be spent surreptitiously trying to trick her into saying "warshing machine."


First off, I know you'll be a wonderful hostess and get just about all that done. Second thing, forget the knits. I want to know where those letters came from because I want to get some. :0)


where'd you get such mouthy yarn? here's a tip: before I wind yarn for a project, I first cut out its tongue.



Oh, thank goodness. I thought mine were the only projects that talked back. Put 'em in their place!


Ok, picture this -- over here at 40shades we are having a crappy day. In World War three 40shades V. the mice we have pasole all over the kitchen floor and a mouse caught in the trap. After dealing with this I realize I am going to be late for a parent meeting (before school) if I don't leave now!!!!! in my hurry I knock over a bottle of organic EV Olive oil. And I left it as the meeting included my asst Principal who would likely frown on the lateness. thestudents are all keyed up and horrible...and my wits are at their end and then I read your post and the the world is right again. Humor is a wonderful salve for frayed wits.


step away from the icord. right. now.

i want letters, too! can childless adults legitimately own letters like that?


They taunt, they tease, they drive you insane..
When good knits go bad...Premiering Thursdays, here on CBS...


That yarn mouths off more than my kids. Great post.


my gifts/knits/yarn are taunting me, too, and I don't have half as many. thank goodness Mr. D lost half his magnet letters in a terrible poop-in-the-bathtub accident. So all my projects can do is spout gibberish to which, like poorly-written tenth grade poetry, I have developed an immunity.


Oh god, this makes me feel miles better about all the unfinished projects taunting me with "only four more da-ays!" And all the new ones--quick ones! easy ones! honest!--that keep occurring to me as I rush to finish the old ones.

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