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Ah, so YOU'RE the reason students show up in my class thinking they can only have 3 paragraphs in the bodies of their essays!

(Kidding. Anyway, I tell them that they should be shooting for three _sections_, with multiple paragraphs each, so there you go.)

At any rate, your Meathead is eminently deserving of publication, and, more importantly, your three guys sound like absolute gems.


what a great post! and, yes, T, C, and E sound like princes among men. they totally deserve beer cozies. :)


Wow. good job on the Meathead pattern stuff.


Hey, but *seven* buttons on the chosen Meathead, right? Congratulations!


Sounds like it must have been an exciting afternoon at the school of the tired teachers... migranes, pink eye, what's next?


Hey, I teach that three stuff to my third graders (there is a unit on fairy tales)and there are a lot of authors who have bought in...my reading book in 4th grade was called 7 is Magic. And Ashley, I might be responsible for the 5 paragraph essay but it is such a great impovement from a mush of one sentence all knds of ideas and no indents or periods.


while you're dancing to "Fastlove" i will be lip synching my heart out to "Freedom 90" while also pretending i'm Christy Turlington... 3 beers sound lovely right now.

congrats on your meathead being chosen! i kinda giggle everytime i say "meathead".

haha. meathead.


Congratulations! I told you yours was the best. ;)

I like things in three's too. But I never realized it until now. heh.

Great beer cozies!


Can I hire you as a summer tutor for my 3 girls? I think we are moving so they can have you as a teacher. You are such a great writer -- I am so jealous of all your students! Congrats on your Meathead. (Hahaha - that does sound funny...)


Hey, congratulations on your Meathead! I really liked your version a lot!


congratulations on your meathead. i recognized it right away. i have to admit that i was disappointed to not have made the cut. oh well.

i have an obsession with three too. it's my favorite number. i like multiples of 3 too.

that was nice of you all to do something like that for melissa's parents.


Three Cheers for your Meathead! ;)


You danced to "Fastlove" and not "Three Is a Magic Number" from "Schoolhouse Rock" - for shame! As soon as I read the title of the post, I started humming the song (the Blind Melon version, not the Bob Dorough one). Congrats on the Meathead . . . I'll have to make one for Beaner.


I like that T, C, and E's beer sweaters (vests?) also spell etc. Three is, indeed, the best. I think it's the rhythm; it feels like cantering on a horse. Congrats on meathead.


Congrats on Meathead!

Love the cozies.

Three's are fun :)

brenda in toronto

meathead, meathead, meaty meaty meathead... (surely you know the FishHeads song?!) Congrats!


Me too! I knew yours would be picked but thought mine was a longshot. What a wonderful surprise!

Better watch yourself though. If certain parents find out that you're teaching their kids "magic" you could be in for a world of trouble! ;-)


A huge Congratulations on your Meathead!!!!


love your beer cozies! congrats on your meathead selection!

Passions & Distractions

Congratulations on your chosen Meathead!!!!


Congrats on having your pattern chosen! Your meathead hat is amazing.


Your Meathead is the bomb-diggity. You're a knitting-and-blogging supah-stah. There's really no stopping you now...the world is yours for the taking.

AWESOME beer sweaters - I TOTALLY need some of those.

And speaking of 3s...3 more days until I exit the blogosphere for a month and a half to traipse around the desert...sniff! But I'll be back, be certain of that.


Just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have had a great time reading through the archives. Congrats on the Meathead!

And where can I find the pattern for the beer cozies?


. . .and you can rearrange those bottles to spell out "etc" - perhaps an indication of all of the future kindness the three will bestow.

At about the age of 9 or 10 DD#1 informed her grandmother that things look better in groups of three. Grandma was confused. Having been involved with visual arts most of my life, I knew just what she meant.
Ah, the wisdom of children.

Congratulations on having your Meathead chosen.

Ann in Nashville

Those beer cozies are so . . . cozy. Love 'em! Cheeeeeers! [clink]

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