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i love the wait each day for your post. thanks again for the shoutout!!


I love the bulb-planting! what a fantastic idea.

Great cards, too. :)


What a touching tribute to your Melissa.

I love The Black Apple. I've been waiting months for my sister to frame my three prints for me. Thanks for the reminder. I'm off to ask for them back right now...


I think I was always a multi-tasker, but becoming a mother made me more efficient at the multi-tasking...perhaps you are just noticing your efficiency more?

Nice stationery...I think the goal of letter writing is a good one. It forces you to slow down...which isn't necessarily a bad thing... And it's always nice to receive something handwritten, I think.

The Purloined Letter

What a beautiful thing the students did. Lovely post.


Lovely letters on sweet stationary are so nice, but my awful spelling keeps me from handwriting correspondences. To be honest, I often type out what I will write in cards before filling them out. Oh, well.

Students planting flowers to honor your friend is good. The roses we planted after my mom died always make me feel calm and thoughtful—a reminder of the vibrant beauty in life that she taught me to see, a reminder of the beautiful kindness she brought to those who knew her.


Nothing like a hand written letter! I really like the cards too, very nice. And what a beautiful tribute to your friend, the promise of spring at its best.


600 bulbs on the playground--that's going to be beautiful. It already is.

And here's to your first resolution of 2007. It's a good one.


growing up since i moved so often, i wrote letters a lot. i was an amazing letter writer if i do say so myself. on looseleaf paper with my favorite pen. sometimes during class.

600 bulbs in honor of your friend is a lovely tribute. it'll be beautiful in the spring.


I can't remember the last time I got a hand-written letter. Or when I wrote one, for that matter. I admire your resolution.


I knit while I wait too. From the simple stoplight, to the bigger things in life, we are so lucky to have this craft that helps in the waiting!

The cards are wonderful. I'm sure they will inspire you to meet your goal.

The bulbs are a beautiful tribute to your friend.

Kim P

25 years ago, an evergreen was planted in remebrance of my best friend. The tree is now huge and seeing it grow over the years makes me happy. The bulbs will be so beautiful!


What a wonderful world we live in. You know she's smiling down upon you all.


Very nice post! I am waiting also to hear about James Kim and hoping upon hope to hear good news.


I have long lamented the loss of letter writing as a part of our culture. I'm a computer-a-holic, and I love e-mail and other types of virtual communication, but nothing is as special, personal and warm as a handwritten note. I made a resolution last year to write two notes a month, and I've recently upped it to one a week. I'm so happy to hear others feel the same way!


What a very touching tribute


I'm sorry to hear your friend James didn't make it. My heart goes out to his family.


... is the hardest part. (Probably one of my most favorite songs ever.)

Planting bulbs is about patience, and trust, and, if you really stop to think about it, an absurd amount of faith ("this thing is going to be a what?"). I think it's one of the most audacious things that gardeners do, and what a wise choice for remembering Melissa.


What a lovely thing for the students to do.


Aw, first, thanks for the shout out. You are a great customer!

Planting the bulbs is a very beautiful gesture. I do hope you will share a picture when they bloom.

I was so terribly sad to hear that James Kim did not make it. I had been following the story with such hope.


The planting of the bulbs will leave a beautiful and everlasting memory. What a great thing to do,


Hey there pal!
The delivery confirmation I had put on your box said you got it on 12-4, but I haven't heard from you, so I was wondering if I got your address wrong or something??? Let me know whats up. Thanks!
Hope you have a day without too much waiting :)

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