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FANTASTIC! You did an amazing job, Julia!


My choice is the schnapps- spiked hot cocoa - but with the spring-like weather we've been having, I may need to put it on ice!

I'm off to read the festive holiday Yarnival! Thanks for editiing!


you did a great job editing this issue, julie! thanks! what a nice early christmas present. :)


THAT was fabulous! No wonder you were asked to host! But then, I'm not all that surprised;)


WHAT A GREAT POST!!!!! I'm off to fix myself a hot toddy now!!!


It will be fun to look through all these posts. Thanks for pulling it all together.


well played julie ... well played!


Your holiday edition of YARNIVAL! is wicked awesome. Excellent job, 'specially that features section. That Knitting Philistine sounds like one kooky, clever gal! (Thank you so much for the inclusion.) Be back soon...around Jan. 18. Have a wonderful month of big-time-holiday-fun!


this looks fabulous... *thank you* for putting it together!!


Thanks for including me, I'm so thrilled.


Very well put together!


Wow! Whomever nominated me, I'm honored. It was a fun post to write! Thank you so much for including me!

Jenny Raye

Excellent post! I'll be going back through it more carefullly when I have the time to really savor it.

Thanks for the inclusion.

Dorothy B

Good job on the newest Yarnival. I've laughed and cried and I'm not finished reading yet.


May I recommend Cointreau in the cocoa in place of schnapps? Ever so much more sophisticated. I'll be drinking some while I comb through all of these tonight!


I really liked this post, I too will be checking it again when I have more time.


I'm a little late checking the 4th Yarnival, but I loved it! Great job.


Awesome job! I'm so behind in blog reading, this was a great way to get some of the highlights of the season. :-)


I have really enjoyed this and also read issues 2 and 3. So glad I came across Yarnival!


Um, I stopped by. I liked teh beverage choices, so I stayed a while, and it was great. Thanks. So it's no coal for me. 1 year.

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  • ROY & G. BIV
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  • Bodie's 9-Patch
    Birthday quilt for my nephew. Reds, oranges, dash of blue.
  • Central Park Hoodie
    Classic Elite Skye Tweed Quite possible gnawed on by carpet beetles, and therefore I'm ignoring it, as what I don't see can't infuriate me.
  • Biscuit's Big Boy Blanket
    Rowan Denim Ye gods, will I ever finish this thing?