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looks like great fun! farm life can be so relaxing, great way to start out the year.


Has anyone commented on how good looking your family & friends are? I can't be the first. Happy new year!

Liz K.

What a lovely tradition. Happy New Year to all!


Happy New Year!!


That sounds wonderful!! What a great end to the year.

brenda in toronto

ahhh, nothing like a peaceful New Year's Eve, eh?


happy new year. may 2007 be blessed for you.


Yes. The Wallaby. There are four of them here at my house. My mother-in-law and my sister-in-law are avid Wallaby knitters. (In fact, I can think of only a few times where I have seen them knit something different.) Ours range from play-in-the-backyard (variegated crayola colored acrylic) to really-cute-with-cords-and-rainboots (a blue or pink wool blends.) They're a handy sweater to have around.


I love the Wallaby, especially with the moss st edging. Hood and pocket, functional and so cute!


Happy New Year :o)


lovely!! happy new years... ahem, can i get a mimosa up over here!?


SOunds like my kind of New Year's celebration. Have a wonderful 2007.


That sounds like a lovely News Year's Eve. Happy New Year!!


Happy, happy, happy New Year. x


happy new year, juliƦ! luverly sweaters and hats!


Time very well spent! A Very Happy New Year to all in Frickland!


What a lovely, peaceful time -- good friends, outdoor time, knitting, musics, and asleep by 10.

I'm thinking that Wallaby pattern would be a good one for the Dulaan Project -- warm and infinitely variable. Thanks for the idea!


happy new year to you!! what a great celebration... sounds so relaxing and filled with love. i adore the wallaby, too.


Happy New Year to the Fricks!


The Wonderful Wallaby is one of only 2 sweaters that I have knit more than once (5 times!) The first was for my son 20+ years ago when Cottage Creations first started - I LOVE that sweater. Your 1st is bright and beautiful in RED and 2nd is going to be wonderful too - I think it's time for me to knit another!


i love the wallaby. i think little sir needs one... your new year's celebrations/observance sounds wonderful.

happy new year!


What a totally peaceful and happy-sounding New Years. I'm soothed just reading your post! and thanks for the wallaby tip--I know someone who's going to need one soon!


What a great tablecloth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy New Year, I love the pictures.

Dorothy B

It looks so nice and peaceful on the farm. Your New Year's Eve sounds perfect.

Happy New Year.

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