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Wow, gorgeous!


Simply beautiful! The ladies at Blue Moon sure know a thing or two about color.
And so happy to hear that proceeds are going to help the fight against skin cancer. Luscious yarn for a good cause - amazing stuff!


Looks like you and your camera are getting along very nicely these days...


It's fascinating how different their 'sample' looks from your skein - yet you can plainly see that it is what it's supposed to be. 'Fire on the Mountain' is on its way and I can't wait. Lordy, I'm becoming a yarn snob!


Wicked temptress.


I am suprised at how different that looks from the preview photo. I have a couple of skeins from Blue Moon on order, and I can't wait to see what they actually look like!


Evil . . . you're pure evil! So much for the "I'll only knit from the stash" vow. I guess I already caved with the induction of the Rockin' Sock club, one or two more skeins won't kill me. UGH!


gorgeous. such a great yarn for a great cause. i love it!


Back from the dusty desert just in time to partake of new BMFA colorways...my wallet is yawning, indeed, as I frantically click buy now! get into my shopping basket, you many, many skeins of awesome, fantastic, beautiful yarn!


You know I just finally got enough will power to stop drooling over at BMFA and walk away from the computer. But I was too weak for this, excuse me while I go help fight some cancer. And besides sock yarn doesn't count right?

Valerie in San Diego

Mm, yarn p0rn! thanks!!


Wow, that really looks amazing. I saw that on their website earlier today and thought the color was lovely, but you've really showed it off in all its glory. I don't think I can resist!


Mmmmhm. I've been thinking a lot about the hat, and the perfection, and so on. Not that any of it's clear enough in my head to be clear about in a comment though.

I really like variegated yarns. Maybe it's time to try some STR.

brenda in toronto

well now. i'm a sock virgin, and after your endorsement, i may need to change that status! i'm going on a sunny vacation in a few weeks and need some beach knitting, so now may be the time. thanks!

miss ewe

That IS gorgeous yarn! I want some!!! And I didn't get a chance to comment, but yes, that's also a pretty nice looking guy (the one in the hat with the great smile!


So tempting, but I've blown my knitting budget on a set of Knitpicks Options needles! We'll just bookmark that for later :) Thanks for sharing!


you're skein actually does it more justice than the one on the site.


I still don't have STR. I have got to get some. I see you got the new G Rocks! I'm waiting on Lucy to become available.


yum. just yum.


i love this post, and the wonderful step-by-step through the colors... gorgeous!


What did you expect? It was inspired by my gorgeous husband! G most definitely ROCKS!


Got me some Lucy! Thanks!


Wow, that's beautiful. Can't wait to see how it looks when you start knitting with it!


i know it's different...but i'm still coming to grips with that ol' $30 pair of socks idea...it's a tough one to accept.
the skein you got is BEAUTIFUL....i'm sure my wallet will be yawning too once i see your F.O.


Crap! That might be the post that makes me break my self imposed "Knit from my stash" thingey.

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