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Kim P

The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my favorite books as a kid. Hang in there!


Tip: make yourself some bright-orange Log Cabin Socks out of that serendipitous Cork. It's like a light box, a Vitamin-C shot in the arm. And re-read The Phantom Tollbooth as many times as possible. And be well.


I dare you not to smile at this joke - my favorite - and one making it's way around all the blue knitters:

A chicken and an egg are laying in bed together. The chicken rolls over, lights a cigarette, turns to the egg and says "Well, I guess we answered that question."

Go ahead. I dare you. BUCK UP BUCKAROO! It could be worse. You could be looking at ripping a whole freaking sweater. ;-)


Wow Lady... You really know your yarns! Thanks for the nice comment. Making adjustments (also known as trying not to pull my hair out) was indeed necessary:

My recommedation for the Doldrums is Mother Nature. Always works for me!


We all need a break now and then. Should you need inspiration just stare at the ROYGBIVness of your Rowan stash. I love it. I may need to set is as my wall paper on my work computer. I don't know why, but it makes me so happy, giddy even!


hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi.

does that help? hm? now?

if you look closely at the rather dark picture at http://flickr.com/photos/crankyisgood/372852849/, you can something for you. will it help you out of the doldrums? maybe not. sometimes music just makes doldrums more picturesque.


I better send of that sad cat quick.


girl we really need to come up with a pill, drink, or position (har har) to snap us out of these stressful weeks... although Cara's joke just make me spit my coffee out on my desk... so that helps!


Hope you feel better soon. As Nova said, we all need a break (and maybe a little chocolate?). :)


It's true! I tried thinking (even major decision making) in this state and lost big time!

lori z

i hear ya sister!
december is commonly the month were my energy output is at its lowest.

i hope your sails are filled again soon.


just wanted to let you know that it is nice to see a posting--even one about the doldrums. you always brighten my day. to help brighten yours, here's my favorite joke:

what did the chip say to the battery?

if you're Eveready, I'm Frito-Lay.

hee hee. have a good one!


p.s. i need an automated robot to help me read those letters and numbers.


No advice or comments from me, just {{hugs}}.


Why couldn't the 12-year old girl go see the pirate movie?

Because it was rated AAARRRRR.



Mmmm...doldrums...my life is filled with such ordineneces of late, as well. Mostly because I can't beat my BF at backgammon. Night after night, unfailingly, he wins. He has taken to calling it 'gammon. Scootch over and make room on that 'drums couch for me!

Surely, that G-Rock yarn has magical doldrum-warding powers, surely!


I love that book! I hate getting stuck in the knitting doldrums...but I can recommend spinning as a great antidote!


For me - it's that time of the year for the doldrums - after the holidays, it's still dark, cold, wet and feeling like we're just waiting for Spring and for the days to be longer. Hope things are better soon!


I hear ya!


Ugh...I could't agree more. Add a 15 year old with an F on his Bio test to the doldrums and it's not pretty!


hey there...
apparently (according to e, who read it on the internets), jan. 22 is the most depressing day of the year. we're a bit beyond that now but i think the reasons might be similar... late jan. is often kind of blah. hoping the doldrums lift soon for you... and i second the advice to go bury your face in your rowan stash, because it is *awesome*. holy moly. moley?
and i heart the phantom tollbooth so, so much. i need to go read it again...


More thoughts on fighting the doldrums:
1. Try some fun quick knitting projects so you get the instant gratification of a finished project. May I suggest the Pasha Penguin or the Baby Feet Cloth (picture and url soon to be uploaded to my flickr account)?
2. Drink a nice strong frozen drink (margarita, maybe?) with a paper umbrella in it. What says sunny summer more than a drink with an umbrella in it?
Currently buried under snow and contemplating a margarita...Haley


Hey...misery loves company, right? Am I right? Seriously, it's doldrums over here, too. I don't know where you are, but where I am there's a foot of snow on the ground and it's getting a little bit old. I do like having four seasons and I'm all about winter, but where I am we have it for a looooong time (sometimes snows here in May). Anyway, it's enough to make a person batty. Try small little projects for some good gratification. I just finished a pillow covering myself and enjoyed it, but now am pretty lost again. Take care.


Oh god, I just read the comments. What jokes people are sending you! What a riot. If you need a absolutely incredible chocolate experience, visit http://www.gailambrosius.com. I just bought a box of 24 truffles for my husband's birthday on Monday and HO HO HO were they indescribable. Serious art going on there and worth every penny.


AN absolutely incredible chocolate experience, that is. ahem. I was a journalism major 15 or so years ago. :/

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