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I sense I am being directed to knit a Wallaby for my niecephew. Oh all right, twist my arm. After all, what infant does not need a kangaroo pocket on his sweater? The better to put his personal penguin's in, obviously.

(See what I did there, just for you? It went against every English-teacher molecule of my body.)


Oohh!! I'll join, I'll join!! My kids only like to wear hoodies now so this is perfecto!


The Phantom Tollbooth!
Candybaby with lobster t-shirt!
The cataloging of improper apostrophes! Why, if I hadn't been awakened a bit ago by five giggling girls, I'd probably have .... well, what with Bolglines and all I'd have read this eventually. But now I'm considerably less cross. Thank you!


wallaby for big people sizes (for those us w/o kids or nieces with moms who refuses to put them in handknits?) it looks so snuggly.

The Feminist Mafia

Can I put in a plug for Arwen in Beaverslide? BethS (hermione.blogspot.com) is doing one in Beaverslide and it's amazing! Join the KAL? acardiganforarwen.blogspot.com


I'll have to pick up the Wallaby. I'm so addicted to kid knits right now. I also may need to break the EZ habit, but she's just so darn simple. And if you say that the pattern credits EZ, it will make pulling the bandage that much easier.


If there is no chocolate drool it is not a true candy experience!!


random posts keep the blog world go round... we can't be all wit in writing everyday, can we? i have paused my CP due to my sock love... maybe you'll catch up!


MR. M has thing for pink every once in a while, too. Love the apostrophe flickr group. Might have to get on making a Wallby for Mr. M because he saw the cardigan I made S and was so excited that I made it. All that yarn is nice. And those muffins look scrumptious.

Dorothy B

Your Wallabies are very cute. My niece is four and into a 6x. She is one tall little girl.

Love the apostrophe flickr group. So funny.

Your muffins look very tasty.


pretty plate. i think the apostrophe flickr group is great -- and the french use the apostrophe inappropriately all of the time (anytime they want something to seem more anglo) -- unfortunatley i don't have any pictures.



Gotta get Wallabies! Much yarnography going on I see. I missed so much, I don't know where to begin! I do have a strange craving for chocolate suddenly. Sticky or no, the Biscuit is adorable! I agree about the good dishes. All our dishes should be the good ones-and used every day. Not that we don't love our company, but what are we? Chopped liver?


Mmmm... my Beaverslide color cards arrived yesterday. Good stuff. I ordered some yarn from them over a year ago to knit Demi, but I have yet to cast on. I don't know why I didn't order color cards back then. Duh. I have the Blackwater Abby cards, too. Their yarn feels somewhat scratchy.

Christy/ Not Hip

I love those Wallabies, must make one for my niece.
and "Ye olde poste", awesomeness. I have a crazy olde poste story. P-funk and I grew up in Southeastern VA. When we moved to Portland and bought a house, we noticed that our mailbox was a cool old style in hammered copper. We flipped up the lid and it was made by Colony Metalsmiths in Gloucester, VA (P-funk's hometown). (They sell their metalwork in some of those shops in Merchant's Square.) We took it as a sign that we got the right house.


Biscuit looks like he is deep into appreciating the chocolately goodness that is Tootsie Roll.


Your red Wallaby is so cute! I have the Ramblin Rows jacket pattern, but may need to add the Wallaby to the collection. It really is adorable.


You've inspired me. I ordered my Wallaby pattern. Can't wait to make one! Now I just have to decide who gets the first one--my little guy? my neice? one of my nephews? myself? Hmmm... decisions. decisions.


hey there,
i am loving that peace fleece... i've never tried it before but the colors/ tweediness are fabulous. but the beaverslide... so soft... yum.
and hey, nice muffins! what kind are they?
(and p.s. have you ever tried to cardiganize the wallaby? i'm thinking a my-size wallaby + zipper...)


Cutest. Photo. Ever.

Biscuit, not muffins.

What a face!! Smooch city!!


I ordered my Wallaby pattern last week, I see it becoming a kiddo-staple amongst my swan.... Did the Biscuit like the Tootsie Roll? He is thinking about it very hard, very cute! The Blackwater Abbey sample's (!)are nice, great color's (!)but may not be as soft as Beaverslide....


If you have your way, there will be an army of wallaby-wearing toddlers out there :)


To the person who said the Blackwater Abbey yarn seems a little scratchy, and to Ms. Fricknits: I got a skein of the Blackwater Abbey worsted at Stitches East, with a really cute hat pattenr, and I can't knit with the darn stuff! Want it? (Only half kidding.) I was gonna make a hat and that stuff has just defeated me. It's like it's very sticky and scratchy to knit with, and every stitch seemed like a battle. Just a lurker's two cents worth, but I say "Don't buy a whole sweater's worth of that stuff without at least swatching first!"


So glad you liked everything! I HAD to get you those stitch markers, with your love of purple, red, and recently green!!! It was just too perfect to pass up! :)
~your sp9 pal

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