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Your post was enough to push me over the edge and eat the fruit salad I'd been saving for a snack. I also have mini Reese's cups in a candy jar on my desk, but I'm trying to save those for other people as much as possible.

Those socks are so cute! I'll have to try some when the book comes out.


At my house, the dogs are referred to as "donkeys." Long story.

Also, is there some kind of competitive napping team out there I can join? I believe that is a sport in which I would be a superstar.


I could use a good snack right about now....


You should check out BB101 (Blogging Basics 101). It is a new blog from a mommy blogger--can knit bloggers also be mommy bloggers? Anyway, this new blog answers beginning blogger questions. You might find some interesting stuff over there, then again you might not! :)

Here's the address: http://bloggingbasics101.com/

I also loved the cookie/sock shot. I'd be right there for an SAL with ya! How about you host one? :)


i'm afraid of flickr but it isn't courage if you aren't afraid.


flickr flickr flickr. also, I have not forgotten about your mix CD. but I'm a slowpoke. Say, why don't you e-mail me your address so I can mail it to you?

flickrflickrflickr. Flickr is good because:

It's free (though I have hit the 200 free photo limit and am planning to spend $25 on it for a year)

it has easy-to-use tags -- and you can search your tags or everyone's tags!

it has fun comment "note" features

I believe it either created or made popular many internet usage innovations (particularly the "just put your mouse over it to edit it when you're logged in")

it is easy to use

it resizes photos for you and gives you the code to hotlink

it has not stopped allowing hotlinking, like so many of the free photo hosts have over the years

you can have friends and contacts and limit what people see (like livejournal, which I started using 1,000,000 yrs ago so will never leave)

you can comment on the photos and email via the site

so you see, it's a Really Versatile photo site.

shutting up now because someone called me for work help.

ps love your English major mind description.


i forgot about flickr's sets and groups and pools. those are fun too.

Liz K.

I just wanted to comment about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I'd love to hear what you think of this book. A lot of people hated it, and after such an incredible debut of Everything is Illuminated, I suppose it was to be expected. But I found sections of EL& EC to be so very moving, creative, and incredibly beautifully written I had to read them aloud to my husband. Who was asleep. And is a chemist, so he doesn't care as much about such things...

Anyway, when you get a chance...


Two quick things - First, ditto everything that Daphne said about Flickr (except the part about reaching the limit and paying). I really like it because it makes sense to me and is easy to use. Second, loved the article about the "quality" chocolates, but the best chocolate I have had recently came from . . . Aldi's. My mom brought out five boxes of their truffles and to say that the truffles were fabulous would be the understatement.

Thanks for the "B" - Lola and I had a blast!


I second Daphne's comments about flickr; it's pretty awesome and fairly easy to figure out (there is a little tutorial too, I think). We like it because we can send out pictures of Little Sir every once in a while to friends and family without crashing their computers. Also, it's a nice place to "park" pictures from/for the blog. You should give the free account a try, just my $ .02.


Oh, a SAL would be awesome. Especially since different snacks have different seasons.

Ya got your Superbowl snacks, Valentine's chocolate snacks, St. Paddy's potato-type snacks (with the obligatory side of green beer), your Easter Bunny/Marshmallow peeps season, the Memorial Day grill-out with chips for all, the last-day-of-school snackfest, July 4th snacking al fresco, August vacation sampler snacks, September apple snacks, October gimme-what's-left-of-the-Halloween-stash-but-forget-the-BitOHoney-snacks, the November sampling while cooking snacks, and the December party all month snackathon.

Hmm, appears I gave this some thought!


oh snacks... reading this has made me quite distractedly hungry for cookies.
i just started using flickr and i find it kind of overwhelming... so much out there... how do you know where to go? that said, there is some pretty amazing stuff there and it's great for a hit of visual inspiration. i really really want to improve my photo-taking ability in 2007 so i'm enjoying browsing around... there are some really interesting groups too. ok, i really really need some cookies now.


Gosh - your post totally made me laugh! Thanks for that. Now how come I really want an OREO now?


I don't know a whole lot about donkey's. But napping & cookies I can speak to! Besides air & water, naps & cookies are all you need to survive as a happy, healthy human being.


Daphne's got the straight dope on Flickr. It's really wonderful. If you need more reasons to join, I give you the following:

- It's very easy.
- I'll be your personal Flickr support friend.
- Cupcakes http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/cupcakes/clusters/


I feel your pain - my hubby decided to restore the computer without telling me... not only did I lose my cookies (heh), but also all of my saved knitting patterns!!!

Snack to look for: Chocolate-covered Nutter Butters. Oh. My. Goodness.

Holly of HollYarns

Well, that settles it...SAL...read your post and then decided to no longer put off making chocolate chip cookies. All day I'd been thinking, dreaming, salivating about homemade chocolate chip cookies and now both the oven and the dough are ready. BTW when I was an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz I lived down the street from the storefront for the chocolatier Richard Donnelly (featured in the Forbes article). Yum--seriously good chocolate and seriously expensive especially for a broke college student.


I've been stopping by a donkey on my way into town and feeding him carrots--I'm thinking of how I can kidnap him and make him mine I love him so...how does one get a donkey into a Volvo station wagon?
here's his picture:



dickety-eleven is my favorite number. Can we have dickety-eleven snacks/month in the SAL?

Like you I have no idea what the big flickr deal is, but Daphne's comment is persuading me that I should be more into it.


a napping blog is a fabulous idea... we could post pics of different places where we nap. (napping is not for a bed. at least that's my theory on it. it has to be in a more "non" sleeping place, for if it were in a bed, then it's not a nap anymore... it's full out sleeping.) with that said. i want a cookie.

brenda in toronto

sign me up for a Nap Along! On weekends, I'd have to do FOUR posts :)

kelli Ferrigan

hi there J! snacking and knitting... mmm... except that i'd get my gooey, greasy cookie fingers all messed up in the yarn. here's to the new year, may it be filled with many, many good things for all the fricks. xoxo kelli


I like Flickr because it's like looking at blogs, but without having to read everything. You know, like a picture book. It's fun to look at people's favorites and get lost in the land of photos. Commenting is usually short and sweet. If you want to reply to a comment you just leave a comment in there. Flickr keeps track of comments left after yours, so you can easily see replies and such--much easier than with blogs. There's a different, but also overlapping audience at Flickr. Some people only Flickr and don't blog. I, also, use it to post photos to my blog because Blogger is a bugger that ways.


I think I could fit in a SAL or two this year! I would really love a NAL -- I bet everyone needs a little incentive to get in a nap here and there. You know where I bet my real niche is? I bet I would probably be best at a laundry blog -- you know what they say, write about what you know!
I've never been really impressed with Flickr -- I've looked at it couple of times, but I already have 3 photo management programs right on my own computer so I don't know if I need to tag them anywhere else.
Also - what is Project 365? I couldn't figure it out from the link which isn't surprising since I've been pretty brain dead lately.
As for donkeys, let's just say I'm really rejoicing that we do not have to hear Dominic the Donkey for another 11 months!


I use Blogger and seem to be one of the very few who do not have problems. I too am undereducated in the workings of all this internet C&@). I'm trying to learn how to make banners and buttons, which may kill me. Snacks? Snacks are near and dear to my heart & my thighs. Oh and thanks loads for the new blog obsession, that's the kind of place I like.

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