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I'm so sorry about the nightmares. The only help I can offer is what other people told me when I got trapped in some bad dreams: try, in your dream, to move your hand. Something about focusing on this body part is supposed to snap you awake. My worst dreams were lucid: I'd dream I'd woken up and the world was still... bad-dream-world. Yuck.

As for the lining, I'd just sew that sucker down, but I haven't yet tried the crochet method and I like sewing. (I like crocheting, too, but I don't see the point of doing it instead of sewing.)


Lynn in Tucson

My recurring bad dream involves drunk driving. It's horrible, being behind the wheel when I know I shouldn't. And in the last one, yes, I had my daughter in the car. Ugh.

There's a...magnesium, I think, nutritional supplement for kids having night terrors. Maybe check with a health food store?

The hat looks great! Soldier on!


Sorry to hear about the nightmares. I don't have any good advice, but I hope it gets better quickly.

I made a fair isle hat for my boyfriend when I was really new at it. The stitches did even out with blocking, and he loves it regardless of the imperfections. I'm sure you'll have a similar experience. It looks great!


Nightmares are bothersome. I keep having one where there is no sound. People are trying to tell me something(in all likelihood important) but I can't hear them. Maybe it's not really a nightmare, it's just strange.

With my first two-handed stranded hat my tension was wonky, but the agressive blocking helped out quite alot. Find a good mixing bowl or head-shaped something and you should be fine...

Oh yeah, yay for flickr! Looks great!


i heart your flickr site. i'm getting more addicted, i think... contacts! new things to see! feeling overwhelmed! inspiration! must step away from computer...
we are having cupcake serendipity, too, because i just posted pics of my cupcakes.
sorry to hear about the nightmares... i've been having them a lot too, around the end of dec/ beginning of jan, though they seem to have decreased a bit (if only from being so damn tired that i don't remember my dreams). pre-sleep backrubs help.


I woke up at 4am this morning in a cold sweat after having a truly horrific nightmare. I feel your pain.

Don't let the hat scare you. You can do it, I know you can.

Your photos? Simply lovely as always.


You're in my thoughts. I had a similar loss several years ago (my lifelong best friend) but I kept dreaming about her. My Mom told me to pray for her. I did and they subsided. Maybe if we pray for you peaceful nights will come.


Love the scarf. I made a similar one with Rowan Silkhaze--fun to make and great soft, delicate scarf. Thanks for introducing me to Flickr--lots of fun. Sorry to hear about the nightmares. Sometimes I hate remembering my dreams because they're so weird. I also had a friend, Ann, who died suddenly 4 years ago. She had an undiagnosed heart condition and died in her sleep at the age of 26. It was awful for all of us and I still miss her all the time. Anyway, I dream about her periodically. The most recent one was sometime after I had my son. It was an awful dream--we were being chased by people who were trying to kill us--but I woke up and said to my husband "I had a dream about Ann. It was so nice to get to hang out with her." Even though it was an awful dream, I felt happy that I had been "hanging out" with Ann. Weird, I know. Anyway, I hope your nightmares subside and sleep becomes your friend again.


Those all-too-real nightmares really sap it all out of you the next day. Been there (a lot) lately, and looking forward to this cycle ending. For you, too.


For bad dreams, I'd recommend a dream pillow. Check out Jim Long's site:
He writes for The Herb Companion, a gardening magazine that focuses on herbs. I bought such a pillow at a local herb farm a number of years ago and found that my dreams became a bit more intense, but never disturbing. YMMV, but the herbs are always pleasant-smelling -- it's a nice way to fall asleep.


nightmares = awful. (maybe what you need to do is EAT some cupcakes before you go to bed, instead of just teasing yourself by drooling over the pictures.

birch = damn, now i have to make one. just gorgeous.


I love how you've wrapped the shawl around your neck in that I-just-threw-this-on kinda way. Tres, tres chic. x


I love, love, love the Wallaby. I have plans to knit some this year for the kids in my life.

brenda in toronto

aw, hon - nightmares. i especially hate the ones that stick with you and colour your whole day. {hugs}

and thanks for sharing mr. frick's red balloon tip - i'm definitely going to try that one.

Holly of HollYarns

Nightmares plain ol' suck. Lately I've had two that have nearly put me into a panic attack state right after waking up from them. The scariest part of all is the feeling that I really can't fix the problem ahead of time as the two nightmares were entirely different and I don't even really remember the first one.

On a light note, my recurring nightmare is that I have to drive somewhere (and I don't--in real life or my dreams--have a driver's license, I just never bothered to renew it 6 years ago. BTW I don't drive in real life just bike and public transport) and I get pulled over by the cops and hauled off to jail.

Gorgeous scarf!


Sorry to hear about the bad dreams! That's never fun. I hope your second package got to you okay... the delivery confirmation said it did.
I'm having fun putting the finishing touches on your reveal package!
Have a great day!
~your sp9 pal


The cupcakes are controlling my mind and making me want them...beautiful scarf, glad that you're getting use out of it, I'm sure your mom will instantly want it back!


Good for you for tackling the hat! I think we all know that fear of trying new things...but look at you! You're doing it! (sounding like a cheerleader - must stop)

Hope the nightmares stop. And I know it doesn't help, but it is better that they're just nightmares.


Hey, I made the exact same Birch! I love the color. I find myself wearing it a lot.

I haven't taken the plunge into Flikr. I will admit though, one of my favorite entertainments as I knit is to watch Flikr slideshows. I often find inspiration there.

Those cupcakes are amazing. They are so luscious that looking at them may add to one's caloric intake.

I hope your nightmares stop.


Something that almost everyone does if they have problems related to anxiety and panic is to try to uncover their own panic attacks causes. And it's understandable. Panic attacks are truly horrific, and definitely the worst part about having any form of anxiety or panic disorder.


Something that almost everyone does if they have problems related to anxiety and panic is to try to uncover their own panic attacks causes. And it's understandable. Panic attacks are truly horrific, and definitely the worst part about having any form of anxiety or panic disorder.

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