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Karen B.

Feisty, fantastically freeing! Totally with you on this trip.


Very feisty - I love it


WOW! You (and Addonizio, of course!) have inspired me to go out this very weekend and get a red dress. WOW! I love this poem, and I thank you for bringing it into my world. Much thanks--


Just read the last 3 posts, so commenting on all 3. WOW! You're the only other person I know who's into The Phantom Tollbooth. Read it in 6th grade and LOVE it. And the red dress one--mmmmm. Any woman who thinks she doesn't have that fantasy ain't payin' attention.


Forgot to comment on the big green monster. Fear. Hmm. Never as bad when we can name them. Always worst at 3am. Sometimes lead to deep inner worlds--as yours clearly do.


Well, all right!


you slut!


Totally posting that on my teacher bulliten board . . . it's my scrapbook of sorts. I'll keep it low where the kids can't see it as they are so used to seeing me in my normal school atire.




Great idea Ava - I'm printing it in bold RED letters and taping it to the fridge!!


Slinky, sexy, dangerous and seductive... yours is my favorite silent poetry reading yet!


very very awesome! love it.


Love. It.


every time i read this blog i realize a little more how much you rock!!
wonderful choice.

Knitting Bandit

Cool poem choice! Thanks for the laugh!


Hot damn! Now that's a poem!

Dorothy B

Love it!


Oooo Mama!


wow. what an amazing poem. i've been meaning to comment for a few days, but i wanted to share a poem back so it took me a while. this is more the kind of poetry i've read recently:

O, lovely naptime.
You are better than birthdays
with the gifts you bring.

This is from Haiku Mama by Kari Anne Roy. It' a hilarious book of poems. Here's another one for fun:

Toddler lexicon:
"Mommy, my butt is sneezing."
Translate that one fast.

Thanks for reminding me of the non-Mommmy-focused poetry.


i LOVE it. Thank you!


What a great poem. I've been reading it out loud to my girlfriends. I've like it best of all the silent poetry I've read.

frecklegirl jess

Love this: through
the birth-cries and the love-cries too.


Miss Scarlett


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