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I have a feeling Titus Pullo would agree with that fun fact.


What I wouldn't do for a Limonata! Sorry about the day care sit - I know from my sister that they get you in then treat you like crap. (Hopefully not your kids though.)


Who was that... I have guesses and must know...


Enemas. Heh. Do you want to know about the paper I just got confusing "decapitation' and "castration" all the way through?

The booties are darling. Maybe if you just wave them in front of your eyes constantly, you'll forget the pain of the daycare?


Cute bootees. I made a pair from that pattern for my best friends son. They were so cute on his wee feet.

I homeschool my kids, and a couple weeks ago we were learning about Mesopotamia and Sargon the Great. My four year old informed me that I was like Sargon because I make her follow my rules.


No doubt you're already thinking along these lines, but given all the necessary $$ and wasted $$, any chance you can find a better solution -- in someone's home, perhaps -- that could also have better or flexible hours. I do know it's hard; wish I could really help.


Love daycare. Hate daycare.


That blows about the day care. Those people need a Roman enema. I love reading kid schoolwork. Here's my son's sentence writing assignment from a few weeks ago (he's in 1st grade). The assignment was to write 3 sentences about whatever you want: "I swim in the pool. Kirby Puckett was a Minnesota Twin. I smell pie." It just makes me laugh and laugh.

The Feminist Mafia

Girl, that enema killed me! In fact, I'm sending you an email right now that will have you howling.


i can't wait to see the blue koigu as baby booties! but um...enemas???/the grammar???? ah, oh so painful?! just a little bit. :o)hang in there!
i almost snorted when i read that...


Ah, that's how it goes. Charging you more money for less service. Sorry to hear that. The booties are adorable.


That's so awful about your daycare situation.


I don't understand the saying "if luck be a lady."

And that is all I have to say at the moment.



Enemas?! So sorry you're being served so many sour lemons right now. Is that even legal for them to charge you for 4 months?

At least you have a very pretty scarf and booties!


brutal!! (that quote, that is)...the booties? wonderful...so cute.


cute booties and scarf! sorry about the day care... that's not very nice. more like sour grapes :-(

lori z

I hope some sweet fruit comes your way real soon!

I never got back to you about my thoughts on the txt lingo being allowed in NZ schools. That does not mean that I was not thinking about my response. When I first posted about it I was uncertain about how I felt about it. After more reflection, and some honest soul searching, I think it is a really bad idea.

Writing has never been my forte. Only with good editors and a lot more practice has it improved. If the rules were relaxed and I did not have to think about what I truly was trying to express, I might not do as good of job at it.

The written word, done well, is precious. I cringe at the thought that up coming generations will be weaker at putting their thoughts clearly and eloquently on paper. What level of paper do you grade? Do you think that your students' skills are on par with where they "should" be?


Gorgeous scarf!

Any way you can sublet your aftercare spot to someone else? That's what we did last year...



I just wandered over while doing some blog hopping and I had to comment. I was a TA last year for a Greek and Roman civ class and I heard some pretty funny things too. This was my favourite:
"Greece was originally a matriarchal culture but it became patriarchal when the Spartans discovered homosexuality."

Congrats on the Fricklet!


4 grand to hold your spot is absolutely insane, ick. Good thing you have your uber-juicy yarn to keep your spirits high!


You're sweet as pie, even when you're feeling like a sourpuss, my dear.

miss ewe

Crappy news about "holding the spot". That's insane.

As for "then there enemas", [funny, funny, FUNNY]. But I do sympathize.


Oh god. then there enemas. So lovely, so well said. hahahahahahaha.

I'm so sorry about daycare. I can't even imagine. Now that all my friends are having babies, I realize: you don't magically get EXTRA MONEY when you have a baby. you have to find money in your budget for the extra costs. It blows my mind.

In other news, those booties are darn cute.

Miss Scarlett

Well the Romans were fastidious bathers, so perhaps their enemas were more powerful - even than their weapons. Though a case could be made for an enema as a weapon perhaps. ;-D Ok, I'll stop now.
Cute booties - I love the fresh colours. Spring-y.
Limonata is my favourite soda. Mmmm.
That is a majorly hard pill to swallow! Whoa. I work in childcare and I know there are ways around that. Eeyipes - not too reasonable.That could engender a major stash diet.


Well, if they're not just too cute for words...

I have been itching to knit baby socks for a while but my desire to knit them in lovely angora or cashmere would leave my unfortunate baby-laiden friends doing too much handwashing I suspect.

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