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Passions & Distractions

This scarf is so fun! Of course, I think the sheer happy glow of your face will draw all eyes to it!


I got it! Man, that involved some Wikipedia searching :)

The scarf is beautiful, and I'm glad to hear you're coming out of your fog.


The scarf is looking really beautiful, despite its taking more than 24 hours.... Also, I love the fact that you have the original list your MIL made of possible names for your husband. What a wonderful keepsake.


I love those colors. So wonderful. I'm not looking at them right this moment, but my eyes still feel bright and happy from the little peep they got at your awesome scarf.


Bodie, huh? Thanks, Wikipedia!

I share a similar division of naming duties. We do not have a child, but my partner seems to think Aphid is a lovely potential name. He wants to name our next cat Polenta or Pagoda.


I like the name- yours and your sister's. Are you having any inklings either way? And who says all knitting during pregnancy has to be for the baby?


The scarf is great, I love how colorful it is. Glad you're feeling better even if your morning sickness is evening sickness.


How about the tote from the "one" skein book... another pattern that was clearly added because the author like it, not because it fit the theme!


Excellent progress on the the scarf, even if it is in the wrong book and taking much longer than the phrase "more than 24 hours" could really represent. I have been trying to fight the urge to join this bandwagon of Chevron fun, but the snappy colors are getting to me, I think I might need to break down and join in on the fun.


so what you're sayin' is that it's really a 25th hour knit ;-) glad you're feeling a bit better! what prey tell is your microwave called?


Not sure why anyone would name their child Bodie Island but hey, I've hear stranger things! The scarf is lovely


The scarf is soooo pretty, I hope it is cheering you up a bit. Good to hear you are feeling somewhat better, I've been thinkin' about ya.

Kaitie Tee

I agree with the "more than 24 hours" sentiment. I generally can't complete the smaller projects in the time indicated either - so perhaps I'm a knitting dud.


hm...are those skeins of Farmhouse and Footzey Foo? or Chapman Springs and Foofaraw? :o)
it looks beautiful! good enough to eat! oh wait, sorry! the morning sickness thing! hang in there! :o)


beautiful! perhaps i like it because those colors look so much like one of my favorite fos... http://www.flickr.com/photos/cosymakes/312103997/.


Wow, that scarf is freaking beautiful! What yarn did you use? So nice! Glad to hear you're feeling a bit perkier. During my first trimester, I remember being so tired on my walk home from work that I wanted to lay down on the sidewalk.


I have a friend who named his Volkswagen Otto Von Dieseldorf. Which is brilliant, but I wouldn't let him name a kid either.

Scarf looks great. Love the color combo!


The scarf is looking Chevron-derful. (I know. I'm a dork.) The colors are great together.


re: the more than 24-hour gift them, Knitta please! Sorry, I felt compelled to say that. Your Chevron scarf looks great. I'm glad you're coming out of the 1st trimester haze.


Your color combo for the chevron scarf is so wonderfully juicy and bright. I love it!


Your appliances have names? I had no idea. Mr. Frick has some naming skills. I think he at least deserves a shot at the middle name. He's earned it.

Add Knitter

Yes....and just explain to me how the Hourglass made it into that book as well?!


I tried to make the Chevron scarf and grew bored so quickly that I stopped. But seeing this beautiful one makes me want to try again...

Miss Nomer. Hee. My sister and I always instant message each other with silly words spelled like names, like, I. M. Gassy or I. P. Mypants. Because we are three.


I've been knitting the Hourglass from LMKG for about a month now. "More than 24 hours" is right.


love that you two have that piece of paper from mr. fricks mom! how cool is that.........i know more than 24 hours, but it is not stopping me from wanting to make it.....i love it!

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