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I think you have a little bit of both, and each side shows up more in the appropriate setting. What a fun weekend, enjoy yourself.

miss ewe

Looks like a great weekend... me. want. pie.


Loved hearing about your grandparents. Doesn't it just empower you to know about your family and where you came from? I think family and family stories are the best. I think that's why I try to take so many pictures of our family. I'm jealous of your No Boys Allowed weekend. I think you will have so much fun. How cool that you are both pregnant together! Have lots of fun eating and knitting and know that I will be wishing I was there.

By the way, when I imagine you I think of a female-version of Mr. Frick (since I knew him first). You can use your own imagination to figure out what a female Mr. Frick would be like. But in my mind, she's pretty cool!


Again with the pie, I might have to make one now and I only make pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving! Anyway, it sounds like you're going to have a wonderful "girls only" weekend; have fun and enjoy the moon!

Liz K.

Why didn't I know you live in VA? Oh, how I miss the home of my heart. Are you in C'Ville? I lived in Richmond and spent tons of time there.


Oh, a girls only weekend in the country... how I yearn for a vacation! Wishing you lots of laughter, rest, and peaceful knitting :)

Add Knitter

Indeed giving the polished version of one's life is one of the most appealing parts of blogging--you get to reimagine yourself. Love the images of Spring, glad you had a restful week!


have a wonderful weekend! i think we all are a little bit of this and that, but when we get to edit and save, edit and save, it seems the most put together part of ourselves (at that time) comes through.

seriously, again with the pie.... i'm hungry.


True confession from a crunchy granola girl: I have and wear Birks. Mostly around the house, but you possibly will find me wearing them to the beach or to the girls' swim lessons. I think of them as bulky flip flops. But with socks? NO.

Christy / Not Hip

I think there is definitely a hipster crunchy contingent in C'ville. You are making me miss some Charlottesville. Although, Portland feels like a Charlottesville exploded in many ways. Nice baby bolero. I started one this week, but I ran out of yarn on the sleeves. So I'm going to restart with a different yarn.


Enjoy your girls only weekend!


The picture of Biscuit feeds my belief that you're pretty hip. But then again, maybe you're like me, I wouldn't be above putting Gus in front of band flyers just to look cool.


Another one for the snacking category :) It is interesting that a blog lets you decide your persona to some degree. I wonder what my friends think of my online presence vs. my offline one.

The Feminist Mafia

I struggle with how to frame myself too, especially since I rarely edit or filter what I'm writing. So sometimes I wonder how I come across to others. If it's any help, I've always thought of you as a crunchy hipster mama. Have a great naked dancing weekend. That's one thing I miss from my hetero days - now my girl friends won't get naked with me. ;-)


Mudhouse? Lucky you.


No matter what you call yourself, I think you're very cool. I'd live in the country in a heartbeat if it were feasible right now.
Do I see the Baby Bolero from One Skein? Love it! What's the blue? Hope you have a terrific weekend!


I live in Fredericksburg, and work almost in C'ville. It is definitely a beautiful area and today was a great day to sit outside and knit.


I think it is nearly impossible to show all of the facets of one's personality on a blog. I'm sure you are far more interesting and complex than you could ever convey here. What you do show of yourself on this blog is a funny, smart woman, and that's what keeps me coming back!

Have a great weekend!!


have a crunchy, hipster, joyful time.

(pie. . . . . .sigh)


Ah, that sounds like a restful visit!!! Pie and knitting! I hope both the earthy crunchy you and the hipster you have a great time.

Miss Scarlett

It is something I wonder about to this appearance to others in blogland. Having relatives read your blog can give them a different perspective of your life.
Have a fantastic time - sounds like an ideal getaway.


Yarn and pie and a weekend to yourself? Sounds so lovely!


knitting and pie... the love continues :)
reading this has made me wonder about my own 'blog persona' such as it is. there are helpings of so many different things in there, i think... though it is nice to be able to show the sides that you like, when you want to.


Hon, I do know you in real life, and mousy is the LAST word I'd use to describe you. I'd lean more towards zesty, piquant, fiery, and other words generally reserved for salsa.


Are you in C-ville? I grew up there! My parents live in Crozet now...

Wow, it's weird to find little bits of home all over the internet. Esp. when you're least expecting it!

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