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Yay for boys!!

They look fantastic, Julie. Not knowing babies, all of your mods are things I never considered with mine. I'd re-think the sleeves if I had any yarn left!

That yarn on the left is gorgeous! Do that one.


Yes, a boy! I think that women truly are "boy moms" or "girl moms" . . . and you seem squarely in the first camp (not that you wouldn't be a fabulous girl mom).

Thanks for running through the mods as some of EZ - okay, most of them - patterns are hard to visualize and get correct the first time through.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and I can't wait to see that green knit up. Mint green is never a color that belongs on an infant, but the green you have posted would look lovely!


Yay for boys!!! My two nephews (4 and 1) have completely stolen my heart, and I love to knit for them - mom's super appreciative since there are not as many cute baby boy garments as there are for girls available commercially. I must admit that your previews last week prompted me to cast on for a BSJ of my own :)


Congratulations! You'll be able to say, "my boys" - how wonderful.

I didn't find out with my first child and so therefore has lots of yellow and green, which was promptly abandoned once we knew he was a boy. Doughy-zombie horrid is right. : ) But those sweaters are the most beautiful BSJs I've ever seen.


I love these sweaters!! Especially the colors of the first one. Great idea for some of the sock yarns that I can never see myself wearing as socks.


i'm a little disappointed that you arent' having a girl ... why i don't know ... but i'm happy that you're happy. and that your big boy will have a little brother. it's funny, whenever i think of having a little monster of my own, i always think that it would be a boy.


Congrats on the boy news! Now you will get to say "my boys"!

The jackets look fantastic. I will definitely have to get my hands on the pattern.

Liz K.

I just linked to this infinitely informative post...I just knit my first BSJ, and feel ready to knit a zillion more, now that I get it.


Love the news & the BSJ! Congrats on adding one more boy to the Frick fam.


aw, "your boys!" :) congrats to you all! :)

love the BSJs! Between you and Adrian, I may have to somehow squeeze one in for my niece-on-the-way!

[I am currently knitting a MDK kimono for a coworker who is having a girl -- and stressing a little that they won't like the RED it is.]


Hooray for another boy!!


Congrats! I almost cried when I read you were having a boy. These damn hormones. I think it's because I am going crazy with my own wonder! Your SBJs look great! I will definitely have to crank out a few of those once I know!!!


Hooray, a boy!! Your boys! I'm so happy for y'all, Julie.

And I'm loving those surprise jackets. Your attention to the details made them extra special!


I think you just gave me a reason to never knit that STR Monsoon into socks. Thanks!

Congrats on a second boy :)


Hooray! Just what you were hoping for! And now you have a sweet gift for another baby, too. The sweaters, btw, are adorable. I wish so much I had made some BSJs for my kids, but now the youngest is two so prolly not.


Ya know what I find highly amusing? That you used "HNGF" and I actually knew what you meant! (although I had to ponder for a moment)

Congrats on the "my boys" thing! I have a couple myself. Although there were moments when I kinda sorta wished there was another female in the house -- to shop with, to knit girly things for -- I now realize that all good things are worth waiting for: long-term girlfriends, and [eventually] wives and granddaughters :-)

pamela wynne

thanks SO much for all the great BSJ info! I'm about to make my first one. :)


Thanks for the mods, miss. You've got me thisclose to casting on (I would've already done if I had the pattern handy) and wouldn't like the blousy sleeves.

September ahoy! I'm happy for you and your guys.


Congratulations! I agree - strong colors are better for babies. Unless it's a baby with skin that looks good in pastels.


Those are both beautiful and adorable! What a great use of variegated yarn.


There is so much I want to say after reading this! Where to start? Thanks for the tips on the BSJ. I'm working on my first and was hesitant about the cuff-puff. I'll leave it in for now, and experiment later (and refer to your tips here) once I get more experience with the pattern.

Also, I agree with your thoughts on color. It's gotta be the right pink or blue for babywear, and it seems that you've found the ones.

Lastly, congrats on the news of another boy. How exciting!


Yay for another boy in the Frick house! And double yay for his cool new togs.


Ooh what adorable baby jackets you have made. I love the colors too, and the ones Mr. Frick gets to choose from are all nice too. I think I like the 3rd from the left best.


Congrats on the news! Love both of these. Can't wait to see what yarn Mr. Frick chooses for your next BSJ. (...the green skein would be so cool)


Congratulations on the new little boy fricklet!

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