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Power to the people!


I have to admit that I'm not a citizen of Bootietown. However, I am hoping to soon be a tourist in your fair domain. My good friend (herself a native of Soakerville) is expecting, and I intend to bring her souvenirs of my trip.


I have to ask... the wee socks in the middle look awfully familiar. Are they my free pattern?

So Much Fun

I need to visit Bootietown, I am one of those that are stuck making larger garments, much to my chagrin, and none of them even fit me...humpf.
Love the booties!


I may be moving there soon. One bootie done (from KFB) and have to knit the other one this weekend...the baby is due next week! :)


I pledge my allegiance.

Finally a movement I can get behind!;)


Oooh, the google searches that will be leading to your blog.....


Right on, Miss Frick!


Well, as the self-proclaimed mayor of Miterelphia, I clocked in a miter at 1 hr 15 min today. Take that Bootieville! Take that!


LOVE the booties!


You know, when it comes down to it, it's all about the bootie. You are on such a roll! All those adorable booties look like candy!


Apparently, I want to be a Bootiean as well, what with all the single hanks of Koigu I have acquired recently. What else is one to do with a single hank of sock yarn goodness?


Preach it sister. You are a factory!

Miss T


Miss Scarlett

Hilarious! And very well written.

Holly of HollYarns

Cuteness reigns in bootietown!

Liz K.

You're hilarious. Totally freaking hilarious.


We are rising from the stashes..err Ashes.
The revolution is near.
I raise my needles & koigu in support.

Power to the People.
Power to Bootiean's!


fantastic use of strike-through font as a tool of social commentary - I love it!


You made me giggle. Actually, a lot. Yay!


You are the best! Love the booties! As you probably know from looking at my Flickr photos, I am also a fan of the quick knitting projects. Thanks for introducing me to yet another fun option. Looking forward to seeing more fun projects and reading your oh-so-entertaining posts.

brenda in toronto

heh - i belong to a different Bootietown - it's spelled Bootytown!!

Possibly-dumb question: are the bottoms of those platform booties stuffed with something?

Christy / Not Hip

Awesome. That's all.

Karen B.

Bootie-sattva. Heh!

Ditto what Susie said about clever social commentary. Double heh, Your Honor!


Cute, Cute, Cute!

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