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You'd think that Obstetrics today is all about giving moms anxiety attacks and undermining their confidence because they're all worried about getting sued. It's really too bad. I'm glad all is well. Your post made me laugh because I have the same problem explaining things. I switched over to just "friend" because most of my friends and fam don't know about the blog (I want to be able to blog about things I knit for them without spoiling). I love the heteronormative gender fascists. I have to say that Target baby does a pretty good job at that too. Good luck finding non-pink/blue colors!


dear friend: that link? heteronormative gender fascists? I might die laughing. (unless my head explodes first.)




I know what you mean, and have had the same problems. I met my husband online, so it was really difficult to be comfortable telling people about him in the early years (together 8 years now, married 1). Now I just don't care, and enjoy seeing the reaction on people's faces, and some even surprise me with a "My so-and-so is dating someone on the internet."


Try explaining that you're going on a trip to, say, NYC, and you're going to stay with another knitter you only know from the Internet. Stay at their house! And you've never actually met them before! And that no, you're not scared that they're going to turn out to be some axe-murdering man instead of a lovely woman who really does knit. :)


Oh, my heart goes out to you, being so full of worry this week.

And it is strange, isn't it, being awkward about how you met a friend. I'm going to stop doing that now. When I moved to a new city ten years ago (pre-blog, of course) it took forever to assemble a small group of in-the-flesh, true good friends, but somehow, when you bare your soul on the internet, you can find true good friends all over the place.


Yay Fricklet! I'm so glad.

And yeah, I've gone through the same friend transition. For a long time I talked about "my imaginary friends on the internets" but now? It's just Friends. Which rules.

And I better get a proper MLA citation in kmkat's son's paper. I'm just sayin'. ;)

The Feminist Mafia

Hugs for the wee Fricklet. Boy? Girl? And serious belly laughs from Boston. This was a read-aloud-to-Wifey post. She still thinks I'm crazy, but she laughed at this one.


Glad to hear that all is well with the Fricklet. We had similar ominous talks with our OB during my second pregnancy ... the 14 days we had to wait for the results were the longest years of my life.

Do you know what flavor you're getting?


Glad everything is OK with the Fricklet. I remember going through some tests with my 3rd one. The geneticist gave us several reasons why the tests show what they did or it could be that the baby is just that way - letting you know who's boss. Yep, she turned out fine and yep, she's the boss.


Uh, sounds like you've gone through a really heavy weekend. Glad to hear that you're alright. Enjoy the reliefing result from the tests with bubbles and amazing scents ... I know you're worth it.


I'm glad to hear that all is well with your little one. I'm with you; I've given up trying to explain Internet friends long ago. They're now just "friends", or "this lady I know..."


I am now vowing to drop the phrase "blogfriend" or "Internet friend." I only have friends! :)

So glad to hear the Fricklet is OK. ::hugs::


Glad to hear that everyone is okay. I totally understand about the 'online friend' weirdness...I think I'm going to follow your lead and just start saying a friend of mine. My grandma would probably worry less that way!


You are too sweet. I'm so glad that you finally got your results back- coffee all around (and I won't tell anyone if you are secretly thinking of beer while you drink it)!

Are you going to keep us in suspense?


I'm so glad to hear that the wee one is alright. You must have been having fits.
I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing.


So happy that everything is OK. (Not including your nerves) but OK. It does feel good to just say "friend"! Love the bath goodies, I'll have to check her out! Stay well mamma!


I always want to say just 'friend' but then I think I'm being presumptuous, you know. Like these cool bloggers who's lives I read about, whether it be knitting or infertility or just life, must have tons of friends in real life. Could I really count myself as one of their friends when they don't even know me? But why not, especially when I talk to one of my non-blogging or knitting friends.

I'm glad the littlest Frick is ok. I believe lavender and oatmeal can solve anything.

Passions & Distractions

I'm so glad to hear that everything is ok after all! Yeah, I'm with you on the other: I had to start droppping the internet part because of that same look from people.


::PHEW:: to the important part of this post. I am still daubing a drenched forehead wrinkled in concern for you. I hope all is truly well. And, I'm so very happy my friend loves her bathy, soapy treats (and she owes you big time for the incredible, amazing advertisement). You know that if I lived ::anywhere:: near you, I'd be knocking on the door all the time asking you to come out and play!


Glad all is well...I've started calling my blog friends my "imaginary friends". Since I teach kindergarten and everyone knows I have a blog even if they don't really know what that means-they all know who I mean with "imaginary friends".


so, so happy and relieved to hear that all is well with the fricklet. my heart jumped when i read the first few lines... and then i breathed. i can only imagine the stress of your week.
and yes, hurrah, amen, and hear hear to everything you have written... i continue to be dazzled, touched, and so damn lucky to have met such amazing *friends* online. hallelujah for it.


Thanks goodness for all our knitting blogger friends - without them we'd be lost.


I thought I left a comment, but maybe I forgot to hit post. I do that sometimes. Anyhoo... What I was going to say was that I am so glad the smallest wee Frick is doing well. Western medicine with the big needles and waiting for test results can be scary. Gimmie a little acupuncture needle instead. Oh, and hey, I got the Sock Hop yarn. It is the bestest thing I've seen in a loooong time. You rock. :)


Glad that you're my friend, J! And *so* glad that little fricklet is okay. Phew! Big sigh of relief. (That's one more great thing about being done with kids ... no more pregnant worries.)

Christy / Not Hip

It's so true. I often do just use "friend" to avoid those looks and questions.

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