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Oh how I love Spherey. So round and so sweet!


ugh, that place was called multiples. well, they were the biggest one. it got to a point where there were tubey knockoffs all over the place.

anyway, i know what you mean.

lovely baby things, all of them.

Karen B.

Thanks, Karen! Multiples. It was on the tip of my brain...

As soon as I saw Spherey, I just had to smile! Too bad no more pattern :-(

I do like your idea of "outfit" Ms. Frick!


Oh no, what a shame that Spherey is OOP. He is to-die-for. Especially with the hat. I think he may belong on that "too cute" blog sometimes referenced at the Mason-Dixon blog.

Have you seen all the shrugs over at "All This By Hand"?! She must have made 20 of them before her latest son (almost 10lbs) was born last week.

Dorothy B

Love the cute little not and outfit. Especially the toy. I don't think it would be that hard to figure out. Are the legs sewn on or left open like a thumbhole for a mitt?


So adorable I don't think she'll even remember you saying the word "outfit".

frecklegirl jess

bwahaha.. love that spherey took the hat. :)

Such a cute little set.


Ah, Multiples. The belt you could also wear as a top OR a skirt and look equally inappropriate no matter what you chose. I was in middle school then, the perfect age to be assaulted with those fashion "choices."


I had completely forgotten the whole multiple craze; I'm not certain it was good to be reminded, as I don't feel I would be doomed to repeat that bit of history.

Very cute ensemble! I especially like Spherey!


There is a very similiar bolero in the Debbie Bliss Simply Baby Book but it is knit in one piece, instead of a back, front and 2 arms. There are only 2 seams to sew (the underarms) and then you pick up for the ribbed edging.

I really prefer it to the baby bolero in One Skein, although that bolero seems to be the more popular one.

The 'outfit' looks great though! I love the colors.


Oh my lord--Spherey is wearing the hat! On his head! He is wearing the hat on his head! That is Cute Overload material.


The cuteness that is the hatted Spherey...words can not explain... I too thought the picking up of the stitches on the baby bolero a wee bit on the ridiculous side. But it is all done now and looks oh so very cute. It will look even cuter on the nephew!


The "outfit" looks sweet and perfect, just as it is.

Miss Scarlett

Spherey is so cute! I thought he was a round Humpty Dumpty at first. I love the little cardigan in One Skein - I haven't tried the Organic Cotton though. The hat is very sweet - the dreds are a great touch. Lucky little nephew-to-be!

pamela wynne

Along with Multiples, there was also a place called Units. Dreadful idea.

Spherey, though? Timeless fashion.


Very cute. I am working with Blue Sky Cotton now, it's wonderful for a baby.


I love the outfit! Are you plotting that orange redox shrug from lace style? I bought some yarn for that tonight. :)


What, no booties? Is yours to be the only baby with warm feet?


how much do i love the jess hutch book.

what i love about your "outfit" is that it's not in traditional baby colors.


I think you have a true "ensemble." Not a matchy-matchy outfit, but a tasteful collection of beautiful items. Seriously, those are ALL adorable. Spherey adds a very whimsical touch to the gift!


I can't believe Spherey usurped the "take-me-home" outfit! Who knew a sweet-and-smiley, benign-looking orb could be so devious!


a lovely ensemble! did you have any "pilling" troubles with the cotton?



spherey's such a cutie with that hat! maybe i should start knitting up some hats for my toys... :)


Very cute! Spherey will certainly distract from the non-outfit!


Everything looks great! I just LOVE Spherey, and it makes my heart ache that I can't get the pattern :(
I know what you mean about the shrug being the knit of the pregnant girl. I am due in Sept, and wraps and shrugs are all I want to knit!

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